Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hello :)
Hehehe ain't this cat the cutest? It's my aunts. Gahaha. The photographer damn hebat right? HEHEHE *bangga. Omg self praising muuuch, lol.

So like school is starting in 6 days! And honestly I am excited, lol. Not to learn, obviously. But to see mah friends and for the after school activities, hehehe. I liiike. I've already packed my bag, pencilcase, put my names on my buku latihans and wrapped them :} Hehehe. So i'm ready for school! Yay! Wait no uniform tak lagi -_- But uhhh well hihihi :3 Omg am I the only one excited for school? Mhmmm whatever.

Omg in 2 more years i'll be out of school, so sad :( And in 2 more years .. SPM HAHAHAHA. Lol omg I have a new resolution yknw. I mean I make the same resolution every year but next year I WILL make it happen ;-) (cehhh). So yeah, it's

  • Studying everyday and like bersungguh - sunguh yknw, like zaman PMR lol. 
  • Finishing all my homework on time ;D Ok fine n ot all, but most lol.
  • Sending in all my books in time!
  • Not getting kicked out of the class, HEHEHE. But well I only get kicked out if there's Aisyah and she's prolly gtaking sub science so yeah :(
  • NOT EATING IN CLASS LOL (hahaha as if this will happen, cannot lh weyh).
  • Not getting negative marks in my sahsiah book -_- This year was -20 i think? Hehe.
  • Going for most of my koko's (besides cheer i mean cause cheer memang semangated abit tak pernah ponteng :p)
  • Not losing my books, cause I always do.
And actually ada banyak lagi but i''m so lazy to type. Bad thing about next year is I have no Rocky eating partner after school anymoreee :'( Sadly, my strawberry rocky partner is too old for school and will be at home, going online and sleeping while I go to school. Boohoo. So yeah. I'm sad. Nevermind then. Oh well it's 3pm and I haven't took a bath yet (ceh as if I usually mandi awal awal kan lol), so like I better get going!

Goodbye ♥ 

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