Sunday, December 26, 2010

You take me higher :)

hello :)
So ...... hi everyone. I just got back from Bandung :D It was fun, lol. And shopping was okay, not as wowowowww as how people describe it -_- ceh. But overall it was coool. Haha. So obviously I am not going to blog about it, I have a life and I do not want to waste my time typing here :') So yeah.

Hm wait, I have a story! :D So like you know, on the 2nd day (23RD 23RD 23RD LOL), we went to see the volcano, woohoo so cool! :p Anyway, while watching the volcanos do nothing , my mom got a text. I had a feeling it would be Pn. Hafizah yknw .. and then like my mom read the text and she was like *muka gembira* :D "oh yr teacher texted" and I was like HOLYSHITAJKSFHLSDJFLASHFASJD but duuh I had to matain my coolness you know .. so  I was like "Oh really ........." and so I read, it said "Tahniah karyna 8a" and then I was like LJSADHFLAJSD WOOOHOOO! :'D And I wanted to jump and dance but obviously I couldn't since like, as I said I was at the volcano and I was scared I would fall in the volcano lubang :( And I do not want to die just yet :D So yeah , hihi.

Ok tu je my story :D

So yeah i'm a happy girl now ~ Ok actually takde feelings pun lol but whatever. My mom still does not want to buy me a rabbit :@ So I think I should like some other animal instead. I think i'm going to ask for a hedgehog now! :D I don't think they're hard to take care of? I mean, they don't poop .. do they o.o And they're so cute! Omg, talking about rabbits, there were SO MANYYY rabbits in bandung kan tapi .. THEY EAT THE RABBITS ! That's so evil, dah lah cute gilaaaa ok. So fulffy can diee. But I didn't die lh, hehe.

Ok i'm sleepy. Jetlag ah ...............................................................

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