Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Next chapter.

hello :)
SO HEEEY GURLPWEENNNZZZ ~ Lol it's been awhile since I last updated my blog (I think). Pmr results in less than two days, and yes I am freaking scared, but as my mom said,

"There's no point being scared. You already did it okay, it's not like you can do it again"

Oooooooooooookay, whatever you saaay -_- haha! Anyway it's only PMR. Can't even get a job with it, pfft.

So lately, i've been waking up really early (ceh, padahal 2 hari je :p) , at like 9.30am. Well that's only cause my mom always wakes me up, boohoo. So yeah. Anyway just now, I woke up blablabla and went to Sri Petaling, to get my sisters books with my mom, woaaaah I miss that schoool! :( I mean, not just the school lh, I mean my old friends there and stuff. Haha, like Michelle! :( Aww that girl ah, donno what happened to her, lol.

Anyway then I went to Sri Aman, hehehehe Aww I miss this school jugak LOL. CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO SCHOOOOOL !!!!! Hahaha. The canteen damn cool weyh, haha. And omg! I saw the tables k, near the gallery for the PMR results D: All 8 of 'em! Hahaha i'm so gonna die. Lol hopefully I can please my mom and dad and me, of course :B If I don't ................ i'll kill myself ha ha ha i'm not even kidding. Yeah whatever anyway, I had 'cheer' just now, hahaha coach Sebastian came, but not coach Chee Wei :( He was sick. So like we cancelled practice. Neesha and I decided to call McD ;

Me : *calls* Hello, I would like to place an oreder :D
Guy : How old are you?
Me : *without thinking* 15 :DDDDD
Guy : Sorry, you must be over 18 to place an order.
Me : ,,|,, ok *hang up

So yeah I was like FFFFUUUUU -- I sorta kinda forgot you've gotta be over 18 hihi. So then, using the same number, Neesha called again :D

Neesha : Hellooooooooo! I would like to place an order?
Guy : How old are you?
Neesha : 18 !!!!!!!! :DDDDDD *muka bahagia
Guy : -.- sorry you've gotta be over 20 to place an order.
Neesha : Wtfff -_-

SO YEAH EE I HATE THAT GUY NAK TIPU US OK :'( Hmph sengaja je ok. I mean, our voices do sound matured and stuff, right? ;) He he heeee. So yeah. I'm like soooo anti - Mc Donalds from today onwards (HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT) :p Hmm so Neesha and I were sad girls with no fattening food, aww. Lol tak kisah pun.

Omg and I just noticed how nice it is to have your twitter private, I mean like all this while, i've never been able to like kutuk anyone online yknw, but well HE HE since twitter sekarang dah private, woohooo ~ I mean bukan kutuk je lh, puji pun ada k ;) HEHE. So yeah. Ok like I don't know what to say dah. Hihi.

Goodbye !

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