Friday, December 17, 2010

You're like my favorite song on the radio.

hello :)
So meet Elynna, Ecah, Ksherah, Hanna and Qeel. I miss them so mucho! ♥
Hahaha so yeah. Life has been pretty boring .. lol. Can't wait for school to start omg! I love the beginning of school you know like masa latihan rumah sukan and stuff? Well yeah, sukaaaaaa sangat, hihi I mean everyone will stayback on the same day and like woohoo sports here and there. Everyone'll be in the gallery, padang and stuff. Hehe bestnya! :3

And omg, I already planned on what to join next year tau. Lol. So like, i've decided to join only a club and sports, no unit beruniform since they only pick the top two, right? :-D k so imma join, cheer! :D And oh yeah, the club tktau lagi though. HAHAHA. But i'm so not gonna join photography like this year -_- Haha. But like, I must make sure it doesn;t clash with gym :( Cause this year it did. Lol.

So yeah. I'm really scared for PMR results, since I have to call the school eeeeek. Idk why people say "Wow bestnya you tak payah ambik results!" -_- Cehh getting your results like betul betul is sooo much better than calling the school okay. It's so scary! :'( I'm planning to talk to teacher myself instead of my mom doing it for me -.- Kalau tak nanti lagi scary you know, lol. So yeah. Hehehe.

Omg asal blogging semakin bosan ah? Lol. But like I wanna keep this blog till i'm like 20 ok. I mean like, update it lh. Hehe. Okay i'm so bored. Bye lh. OH YEAAAH go see the video Hanna and I made, we damn cool I tell you. Hehhee. Ok so like click HEEEEEEEEEEERE! :D ok? ok! Hehe.

You wiped my tears, got rid of all my fears.
Why did you have to go?

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