Friday, December 17, 2010

Something's watching over me.

hello :)
So, I had the sudden urge to blog (ooo ~ wonder where that came from, hihi). And like duuh as usual I didn't know what to blog about so yeah. And so like, I was koreking my computer for pictures, and boom! I came across these photos ;
Lol actually banyak lagi. Like what 300 something of photos from this same day? HAHAHA. But well it takes a long time to like load a stupid photo ok idk what is wrong with the world and it's internet nowadays, ughhhhghgghghh hahaha :p So yeah.

Anyway, I miss these losers maaan :') Like seriously. The kooldawgs (HEHEHE x1000). Pik Leng, Jasween, Atikah, Karishma, SooSun, Yassh Idk what happened to us already lh, zz. I mean I guess the only people i'm still close to is like, Pik Leng and Karishma :( What happened ah to the promise "OH NEXT YEAR MAKE SURE KITA TAK SOMBONG OK. MAKE SURE WE STILL KEEP IN TOUCH AND GO OUT TOGETHER AND OMG MAKE SURE WE TALK TO EACH OTHER AND HAVE RECESS TOGETHER AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK! :D" ? Ha ha ha. Ok I hate broken promises :( I mean it's not like i'm not trying to like you know, save our friendship or anything, but like ughh donno lh haha -_-

So yeah. I miss you people :(
And oh yeah btw, Jasween I know what you say about me behind my back yeah (; hihi
Goodbye! xx

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