Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'd never wanna see you unhappy.

hello :)
So, as some of you may know, it was Nik and Ecah's last day in Sri Aman yesterday. And obviously, everyone was like this (look down) :(
So, it was a sad sad sad sad sad x1000 day for everyone. Came to school crying. Spent the whole before recess crying, I know damn emotional or whatever padahal 2 tahun je kan but .. just imagine, losing your two best friends to an asrama, ugh. Tak suka. So yeah. Anyway, rehat was the moooooost emotional part LOL. Everyone was crying. Most of the form 4's were anyway. Had a photoshoot ah konon kat tepi the canteen you know. And then everyone was hugging hugging. Omg part tu paling sedih. Ecah did not cry, i'm proud of her, lol.

So this is a photo of sad girls being sad. Ok so yeah. Anyway moving on, after rehat was fun, I guess. Since we had a 30 minutes free period since all the teachers could leave early for some persaraan thingy, Pik Leng, Neesha and I played hairdresser, doctor doctor and we pretended to be dentists :') Ah omg damn fun I tell you. Phui Yee brought her torchlight so we could shine the light in her mouth, hihihi

Anyway, after school, Nik, Habs, Jaja, Siti, Farah and I went to McDonalds for the last time after school with Nik. I mean after this, whenever we go, NIK TAK ADA D': So yeah, mhmm how sad. We met up with Hadi *kenings. hehehe. Nik and Hadi were so sweeeeet ok like alalalaaaa can cry blodd liddat :') But obviously I didn't lah. Nik seriously thought that we were not gonna do a farewell party or whatsoever for her. She thought that the mcd was her farewell thing like LOL HAHAHA please, we're not that lame ;) *flipshair. And this is a photo of hadi and nik HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

So there was this part where we wanted to get some stuff from the party and we told Nik we wanted to go to Joo Hua to get stationary so we left her with Hadi and lol yeah hahaha. We had to lie alalaa. OMG YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T THINK YOU GUYS WILL GET IT LAH SERIOUSLY. I'm so sleepy and I just want to sleep. But yeah lemme tell you about her real farewell party, it was supposed to be a surprise but tak jadi because of some reasons LOL. I mean it did, but we didn;t get to say SURPRISE cause no one actually saw her coming in so yeah.... LOL HAHAHA. We did it in kokopelli, aww. And yeah, it was pretty awesome and alot of stuff happened but i'm too lazy to type. So yeah. Here are some photos I stole!

Ok, goodbye

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