Friday, February 4, 2011

hahaha hi !

hello :)
So, like hi i'm in Penang now, my mom decided to come yesterday and hm here I am. Going home today though, LOL cause my dad has work haha. We basically came to eat I guess lol.

Life has been great I guess, sleptover at Hanna's a few days ago, we wanted to make a dance (LOLOL) but failed .. miserably. Haha. We even wanted to pull an all nighter but lol as expected we failed .. miserably. We wanted to go swimming in the morning at 7am but oh well. We failed .. miserably. We were also supposed to go to McD after that but as you expected we failed .. miserably lol ok hi. We went to ou to watch The green hornet in 3d, wasn't bad, but not my type of movie, cause banyak tembak tembak :( Hahaha! So yeah.

You know what? When I go to school on Monday, Nik won't be there. Ecah won't be there :( Omg how sad. Ugh ok enough about that. Lol. Ah back to the no life life after this, staying back like everyday .. haha cool. And omg you know what? I haven't done my homework yet, nawww D': Banyak pulak tu haha die lah, dieeee ~

Oh yeah, before I forget,

Love yaaa :-** hehe.

Haha be touched i'm actually wishing you on my blog cause I seldom do it anymore, lol. ~too cool for blogging~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okok ew ew ew geli. Nvm byebye

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