Saturday, February 12, 2011

I miss brushing my teeth without braces :(

hello :)
Ok first of all, I am so sad tak dapat pergi to Taylor Swift in Singapore :"( Stupid weh why did she go to Singapore!? Singapore is like sooo small. Might as well come to Malaysia right, bigger k, more place to move around, heh heh :-) But anyhow, I hope she comes to Malaysia. And oh i'm not even going to Bruno Mars, ni lagi satu niii ugh nak emo ah brb. But i'm going to Bieber though hehehe :3 (ceh, sejak bila I suka dia en), but oh well, once in a lifetime ok! Hahaha.

Anyhow, my stomach hurts from doing all the strengthwork coach made us do. I'm happy he did, cause duuuh Dstarz will be stronger and you know .. HEHEHE :-D So yeah. Lemme tell you what we do ok? HEHEHEHE.

1. 60 V- sit ups.
2. 60 whatever you call it sit ups. (The one where you sorta split toe touch when you go up? LOL).
3. 60 spine rolls.
4. 60 supermans.
5. 60 banana rocks <- This one is a killer, I tell you.
6. 90 seconds of handstand walks.
7. 60 put people on your shoulders and you bend your knees and go up again?! LOL AHAH.
8. 30 jumping of the gallery stage softly (Yang ni pun can die..).

And obviously the 2487923847239 stunts, hehe. But anyhow, it's still fun and everyone better not cheat ah during the strengthwork :@ My cheating days are over HAHAHAHA! So yeah. Anyway I think I blog too much about cheer so I will stop blogging about cheer :-) Haha. Anyway, let me blog about today, haha.

So, today was so tiring omg walaupun tak buat anything en, haha. Whatever. So boring lah, learn learn and learn. Physics was so omg tak faham ok. And as usual, for BM teacher targetted the back row -_- Heh. Lol. Everything was so normal, hehe. Oh and during rehat, my tablemates had our monthly potluck :D I love our potlucks, aww. We can be fat together :') And when I say fat, I mean REALLY fat. So much food .. fattening food -_- HAHA but I don't care anyway (CEH HAHAH AS IF). So yeah. And then after rehat was so funny. Haha. I'm glad Jasween and I are in the same class again Her stories are the bomb, I tell ya! HAHA. So yeah. The end.

OMG school is actually really really boring. Hahaha. Ok as if no one noticed that already :/ But anyway, after school was da bomb *winks. HAHAHA i've got my reasons no one knows about. Heh heh. Ok fine, maybe someone knows but hehe oh well. So yeah. There is no ballet tomorrow and I am very very happy. But anyhow I do have piano at 8, haih. Nevermind, another 6 more months and i'm done, for liiiife (y) AHAHA. So yeah.


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