Saturday, February 5, 2011

Once you party with us,

hello :)
So these are like photos from January HEHE. Check out my favourite cheerleaders. Aww sayaaang Neesha Hui Wei and Lissa hihi.

Haha, photo of the year! "GIVE ME 2 MORE WEEKS AND I CAN GIVE YOU A BETTER HEELSTRETCH" <- haha inside joke lol.

juuuuuuuust posing with da hand ~~~~~~
HEHEHE Karyna is so kewl.
Cacat scorpions + Lissa's spike -.- Lol ok HAHA.

So yeah, and this was like during one of our 239412378 sleepovers, after cheer practice I think? Lol.
Anyhow, hi i'm back! Haha, and in another 1 more day, there's school, how sad -_- I'm going to Tok mama's house later, so lazy. Oh i've finished up all my homework! Hehe, March test is in 3 weeks, and wooh need to study! Haha, I did 12 pages of addmath just now, cehhh *bangga. Gonna read physics UGHHH I hate physics. Seriously I don't get it. At all :'( Hmph. But whatever.

Moving on, I have gym tomorrow, aww haha. Oh i'm training for a back handspring :D Haha, so excited (tak sebenarnya) Lol. But yeah. And I just noticed how mengarut my blog is :( I mean like .... my posts are so .. HAHAHA ok nevermind. Omg it's raining, better go sleep HAHAHAHAHHAHA goodbye

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