Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Physics sucks.

hello :)
So, i'm doing some agama stuff, haih. We've gotta look for stuff about Valentines Day and print it out. Yeah yeah yeah I know it sounds easy but omg it's not okay. Ustazah gave us websites and all of them are in bm which means I have to interpret the data in my mind first before understanding. And that's not a good thing if you're lazy, wanna finish fast and you get bored easily -_- Haha whatever. Ok brb need to go cari information, zz.


HI I'M BACK. Oh screw it imma copy and paste every single thing now don't need lah to filter filter :'-( Haha. Anyway,

Lissa : Yay! A little bit more till I get my ariel (some cheer thing).
Me : Yay! A little bit more till I get my sebastian HEH HEH geddit arial .. sebastian .. little mermaid HEHE.
Lissa : -___-

HEHE so funny lah me :-P Omg idt anyone would get this joke, but nevermind let me have my moment! Haha. Gym was fun anyway, Aliah and I are gonna be rappers one day. We rapped to Hearts and Minds LOL. My gangster name is .. QUEEN ELIZABETH :'D Hehe like yo yo yo yo jom main yoyo HEHE. And hers is Rupert the rapper or something like that :D Hehe lame, I know but whatever ~ Omg jap, need to do the work, ugh.

Oh, I was otp with Neesha and we were laughing at .. nothing for 30 seconds lawl. So funny ^^V

Me : hahahahaha
Neesha : HAHAHA

Lol I know it's stupid and does not make sense but hehehe whatever. You know what, I cannot blog while doing work cause I'll spend 10  minutes on blogging and 1 minute on the work so goodbye

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