Saturday, March 12, 2011


hello :)
Lama kan Karyna tak blog?! Haha I knoow lama gila. So yeah. I feel kinda bad abandoning my blog just like that ya know. So yeah. Photo credits to Farah Izzati :D Hehehe the people I go to school for Mia ; Azraa. She's doing her umrah now.

Anyway, these past few weeks have been filled with so many things, like cheer and tuition, damn. Oh and exams have just ended, yay! So happy. Ok not so, cause I mean like March test je, but oh well. So so far I only got like 5a's, 2b's and 1c )': English je tak dapat lagi! Haha. And you know what I got the C for? -_- Bio, ugh. I was not expecting such bad marks. But like ugh Pn Yong taruk form 2 AND form 1 questions in it, macam manaaaalah Karyna nak ingat?! -.- Haha. So yeah k whatever.

And anyway, Dstarz is doing a great job, yay! Everyone is hardworking and I am quite happy. The bad part is that everything is very slow moving. Mhmmm. I am very sure we will be able to do well in cheer 11 ehehe. Why do I sound so skema ha today?! -.- And omg I have so many things to blog about but I'm too lazy to do so, so .. lol ok.

And you know, hari tu kan, Pik Leng tried to kill me with my seluar sukan -.- Haha. She wrapped the pants around my neck and I was so lazy to layan her so I was just doing my work. And then she started pulling it, I was like -___- haha. Cause I knew she wouldn't kill me. Haha. And then, suddenly, Puan. Z came in, LOL. HAHAHA. She saw what happened, and decided to denda us, which was do a drama of one bab in from the novel. Lawl -.- But obviously Leng and I were like dotdotdot cause we didn't read it, so whatever ah biar ah.

Guess what? I finally met Adha after like what 1 month? Haha I miss heeeeeer ! She's going to Hong Kong tomorrow for a week :'( sedih jap, lol. So yeah. And yay holidays are here. Gonna spend my holidays mostly in school, with cheer. Mhmmm cool. k ballet tomorrow at 830am followed by cheer till 12pm and piano ! Goodbye

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