Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day iii

hello :)
So .. it ain't exactly the third day. It's already the fourth day, but oh well HEHE tak online satu hari. ~too busy to care~ CEH AHHAHAHAH ew ok geli much. So here I go ;

Day 3 : Eight things that annoy you.
Okay so like honestly I could go on and on and on about this buuuuut I have better things to do and they only want eight right? So yeah hihi.
  1. People who chew loud and don't close their mouth while chewing! Hahahaha this is like my number one one one one one one one one one one thing that annoys me, seriously. I don't like the chew chew chew sound lol. 
  2. Not having phone battery / having low phone battery when i'm not at home. Lol this one .. haha it makes me feel insecure HEHEHE. I mean, if I don't have battery, what if something happens or whatever and like someone needs to call me (ceh ceh ceh) but they can't aah!?!?! And also, what else can I use to avoid awkward conversations with people -.- I mean, if suddenly ada kan, I can always pretend to text or whatever right, but without battery, cannot lah, HAHA. And also, if I don't have battery, cannot tweet haahahahhahahhahahhahahaha ok life sucks when your life pretty much revolves around the net.
  3. Shops that do not have Pilot g2 0.5 ink! 0.5 0.5 0.5 I ONLY USE 0.5 ! And I hate it whenever they do not have 0.5 but have 0.7, 0.38 and stuff like that I mean like HELLOOOOO I can't do my homework without 0.5 ink ok!!?!?!? So yeah :-)
  4. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT REPLY TEXTS! Haha this one should be at the top lah actually :-P Yeah. I don't understand why some people cannot use like 3 seconds of their time just to reply "Yes" or "No" or something like that, aiyoooooo ahaha.
  5. People who ask you "ARE YOU OKAY?!?!", when you're bleeding or something or like, crying. Hahaha duuuh i'm not okay you blind or what :@
  6. Flyers not locking! :p HAHA *cough. Especially when the bases have to use up so much energy to carry em, and they just take it for granted that we won't let them fall. So they're like TRALALALALAAAAA~ hahaha. Omg and especially during tosses. I do not like free rides! :-P Haha.
  7. People calling me when i'm asleep, and then saying "OMG YOU DAH TIDUR KE? OMG SORRY SORRY GO TO SLEEP LAH, I'LL CALL YOU BACK!". OI. You already woke me up right, might as well just talk :@ And the chances of me falling back to sleep after being woken up is like what, 2% ah? -_- Hahaha.
  8. Last but not least, the sound anyone, ANYONE waking me up to go to school -.- OMG ajsldfhsdjkfhlasdkjfhasdlfsd you know that feeling, the feeling of knowing you have to suffer for like, how many million hours in school. The OMG-NOOO-KENA-MANDI-AND-GO-TO-SCHOOL kinda feeling. Ah, words cannot describe it. Words feeling in the world! I swear, haha. And i'm not a morning kinda person. Takes me at least 10 minutes to get outta bed in the morning. 
So yeah. There's many more, hehe. Omg i'm so kerek HAHAHAHA whatever. Okay riiiight, I have alot of homework to be done by Monday, gosh. And so far i've only completed sejarah -_- Stupid or what lol. Hm I have cheer tomorrow, hopefully we're gonna do the pyramid :DDDDD I love love looooove it! Hehe. Lol I wanna sleep. 

Goodnight ! xx

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