Monday, May 23, 2011

There's just too much to lose.

hello :)
Nad and Leng
Lissa, Aliah, Karyna and Neesha
So I have decided to start blogging again :-D haha. Mainly cause i'm bored right now, and because exams are over. I wouldn't wanna abandon my blog anyway, it's almost 3 years old now, woohoo :-D

So yeah, exams are over. I mean mid terms, and yep it's a big deal for me cause finally I can sleep before 1am without needing to think about chemistry and shits. And hahaha I actually studied properly for this exam. Lol yeah, okay let's see what happened while I was gone .. LOL oh Bieber haha I was a belieber fr like a month .. till I realized how annoying beliebers really are (lol sorry no offence). So yeah HAHAHA.

School has been .. cool -_- ok not so but it's okay. Let's see ..

Me : Cikguuuuuuuu, saya taktau macamane nak buat ni :"(
Pn. Z : Ye lah kamu ni asyik gelak, sembang, nyanyi, gelak sembang nyanyi.
Me : Lol ....

Yeah so basically that's what I do in school everyday. Hahaha cool. Hm, National Youth Day is in less than a week and I am very scared. Honestly, I know we can do it ok Dstarz, just need to push ourselves moreeeeee ! I mean seriously, everyone has the potential and blablabla but you guys, please don't give up. Especially during a stunt or whatever. Okay so yeah :-(

Anyhow I want to sleep now, so goodnight xx
and oh, hello there Adha :-)

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