Tuesday, May 31, 2011


hello :)
So I have decided to update my blog yet again, yay *claps. Well this is only cause i'm bored like seriously bored bored bored. It's mainly because @adhaRAZs is in um already and yeah, zz. So anyway, let's see .. nyd is over and yes it went well :-) We got 6th place, lol and that ain't bad you know considering our prep level stunts and stuff. By cheer 11 when we push everything to extension level, including the pyramid and stuff, I am sure we can do much much better. Anyhow, i'm very very proud of every single one of you people :-* Hehe. Oh and did I tell you guys our new uniform is done? Hehe, look down there :-D It's quite nice, no? Leopard print like last year, but with a twist, hehe. Bling! D*Starz has never used bling in the uniform, so well it's a first. The skirt is probably the BEST part of the uniform. Even Coach Sebastian agrees.

Indroducing, D*Starz squad of 10/11 :-)

Hehe so yeah. I think I blog too much about cheer. Lol i'm sorry but I guess my life kinda does revolve around cheer .. for now :-P Hehe. Anyhow cheer camp is in 3 days and I am excited .. and quite nervous. Who wouldn't be, you know when you're gonna cheer with a bunch of other good cheerleaders from other schools. But oh well, I have a good feeling about it :-)

And now something non - related to cheer. Teachers day was on the last day of school. And honestly it was the worst teachers day ever ! Haha, ok it wasn't that bad .. just that it was really squishy since we couldn't use the hall and we could only use the gallery :\ The performances weren't that great either. The canteen guy did the gelek thing, seriously it was one of the most horrifying thing i've ever seen in my life ! haha. All the ustazah's closed their eyes. I don't blame them. I myself almost puked hahahahaha ok no not really but ugh. Hm, Farah brought her camera with her fisheye lens, wow daddy I want one too :-( Haha it's really nice. So anyway I stole the photos from Farah, facebook hehe thanks ♥ 

Incomplete tablem8s 10/11 :-P

Best friends forever anyonyonyooo ~
Heheh, oh well. I have cheer at 9am tomorrow and I haven't told my mom yet, gosh haha I better wake up ! :-O 
Oh wellz, goodnight

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