Sunday, July 3, 2011


hello :)
Soooooo .. hey guess who's back (ceh as if lama sangat kan I was gone, zz). Anyway i'm 15 shades darker now. My nose is darker than my whole face and uhhh it's cause of sports day ! :-( Hahaha, oh well. This year, I didn't join anything :-D Hehe yay! I mean I can't run, I don't wanna kawad, lazy to practice senamrobik and there's no cheer ! Hahaha so basically sports day for karyna = stoning + camwhoring day :-P Yeup, camwhoring aloooot. Using everyones camera, HAHAHA.

Honestly, this years sports day wasn't as cool as the years before, hm (maybe it's cause biru didn't win HAHA) lol nah actually idk why. I mean I wasn't semangated to scream for the runners except for when my friends ran ! ehehehehe. So yeah. And oh, congrats to Ruby Red :-D You guys worked hard for this ............................... lol. Yeah so nah, pemenang pemenang ;

First ; Ruby Red
Second ; Emerald Green
Third ; Topaz Yellow
Fourth ; Sapphire Blue :-(

Yeh, I know so sad, dapat laaaaaaast heh. First time kottt but oh well I know everyone tried their best, and in the end, that's what matters right right right :-D Heheh. And oh yeah, especially to our awesome captain, Thabeena :-D Yay *clapclapclap. You did great, hehe. Anyway, next year we ARE going to get first. Just mark my words. It'll be OUR year and no one can steal that shiny shiny shiny trophy away from us :'-) Hehehe. I'm serious. Anyhow, let me spam this post with pictures :-D Credits to Karyna, Farah and Azrianna :-) Heh.

Hehe, notice Farah the pemotong rumput
Sapphire Blue tablem8's wuddup wuddup
Me and my trophys......
Baby Starz, so proud of em

HAHAHA omg fifi
My Leng Peng

Burger Lissa ♥ 
Baby Starz :D

AND WOOHOO BALLOONS TO PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ~ Ok no actually I should study bio now. Oh wait no no I should blog about today first :-D Sooo .. today was ..


and it was .. okay? Haha we had to """"run"""" for 1.5km, and obviously I didn't bother to run. So I just walked with Aisyah, Mira, Uma and Qeel :-D HAHA you know what kept us going? THE PHOTOGRAPHERS hahahahaha typical us :-P I mean, we walked just so we could go to the next checkpoint and take photos HAHAHAHA. We did the one malaysia pose HAHAHA so cool right I know I know ! And now, we're all just waiting for anyone .. ANYONE to upload the photos on Facebook but it's taking such a long time ughhhh haha. I bet we'll all look the same in the photos, hehe.

Anyway, after the whole thing, we basically just stoned in school. So Aisyah, Mira, Qeel, Pik Leng, Farah, Sabrina, Sarah, Alyssa and I were  gossiping bout some juniors hahaha lol. And we had codenames for em. Dania Marin and Black ;-) Don't ask how we got them, LOL. SO anyway, it was damn funny when Qeel followed Dania Marin around wherever she went. Like there was this part when she was walking in a circle and Qeel was like *walkwalkwalk HAHAHAHA. :'-D My friends are so funny haih And oh, we were all sleeping tau.

Mira : OMG dania marin !!
Everyone : *stares and laughs and dania marin

And it was damn obvious .. but she didn't notice :'-) Lol. And oh yaa, for Black, we did a "Lawatan sambil belajar mengelilingi meja Black" and it was awesome !! HAHAHAHA. Yeah lol basically we just went in a circle around her table during recess .. LOL. So yeah that's basically it. Went home and had piano. Just another month and i'll be done with grade 8 (-: Yay!


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