Sunday, June 26, 2011


hello :)
So guys, it's been a super long time since I last blogged. It's mainly cause i'm too lazy and oh yeah, cause I don't really know what to blog about anymore. I used to blog about my daily life and all but I realized my days are all the same, boring and stuff so .... yeah /:

Anyhow, let's get on with the cheer talk! Hahahaha. Sooo, cheer 11 is in 13 days and I am very very very nervous. I mean, I know we'll do great but hahah.. These past few practices have been full routines, full routines and more full routines. And lately, everyone has been great and yep, hello hello perfect routines ! :-) Sadly, (haha) our stunts ain't as complicated as they were last year. But they're all good and stable and stuff so hopefully there'll be alot of points for em. Hm, D*starz tshirts are being sold already, and surprisingly we've sold the first batch. As i'm typing now, the tshirt printing people are probably printing out the second batch. I honestly looove this year's tshirt, hihi. It's so pretty and hehehe cool. So any of you people wanna buy? RM20 only, you won't regret it, hehe.

Anyway, we're gonna know the new headgirl tomorrow! :-D It's either Azmina, Husnina, Keerthana, Eleanor or Farhanah. Hopefully it'll be Keer, Azmina or Husnina. Hahaha so mean I hope the rest won't read this but yeah. Hehe, I didn't get to vote for anybody though so sad, I didn't come :-( zz haha.

And yknw i've been thinking... and I seriously need a hobby. I mean I need to be good at something. I realized i'm not good at anything. ANYTHING. /: Ballet, piano, guitar, cheerleading, studies yeah i'm bad at everything. And I hate it. I try studying hard, alot and stuff for exams, but seriously my results all macam apa je -_- Study banyak banyak pun tak dapat straight a's right. I hate those all rounded people. Pretty, smart, nice, ugh. Come to think of it, all my friends are all rounders. Urgh. Let's take Hanna for an example. Aiyaiyai this girl I tell you -_- And oh Lissa. ACTUALLY EVERYONE LA EVERYONE OK. Yeup so by the end of this year i'm gonna find a new hobby ! :-D Anyone wanna help me? Hehehe. Oh well. And oh did I tell you people that I want a pink guitar? Yeah I want one like reaaaaally bad. Haha. I know I already have a guitar but it ain't pink ! And seriously no semangat to play cause I suck at it and IT'S NOT PINK !!! Hahaha. Yes I AM saying that with a pink guitar, I have more semangat to play, practice and VOILA ! I'll be like damn pro in it and woah i'll finally be good at something. Uhhh yeah ~ I hope it works. But wait, where would I even get a pink guitar.. dammit life sucks life sucks :"(

Okay you know what, I typed out a pretty long paragraph about .. something but I was too scared orang terasa so ............ yeah bye

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