Monday, February 25, 2013


"Seasons change but people don't" - Fall Out Boy (ceh) (wow) (hahahaha). Yeah I guess they lied. People do change. A lot, and very (very very very) fast. They change their minds really fast too. Imagine being really close friends with someone, waking up one day and deciding you shouldn't talk anymore. That's not cool, at all. But hahaha it's okay, it's all part of life anyway. People come and go (they go much more though lol) and everyone forgets everybody. But I guess that's how you actually find out who your true friends are. Those who'll be by your side through ups and downs, who'll eventually come back after gazillion of fights. Yep, those are definitely keepers.

Anyway, throughout my high school life i've met so many new people. Those who'd stay with you for a year or so, claiming to be your "best friend forever" where they mean the whole world to you... until of course both of you find other people and yep, eventually leave. Lol. Although i've been through quite a few of those, it's safe to say I have met my soulmates (hehehe) , my soul sisteeeerrsss, and mostly my best friends :) We've been through alot together, from douchebag ex-boyfriends, to the whole One Direction phase. Yes, we've had a couple of fights, but we managed to pull ourselves through and yep here we are! Hehe. They always manage to me laugh, to cheer each other up, and although they spam the whatsapp group like crazy (imagine 300+ messages in 30 minutes), I still love them so much and I hope (I know) we'll stick together till we get married, have kids, have wrinkles and die (basically till the very end) Meet, the wonderm8s.

So, how did we get the name wonderm8s? Hahaha very funny story. It all started in ... 2010 (or was it 2009) when we'd go for recess together and stuff. We called ourselves the Tablem8s. (yes, with the 8 (!!)). Then in 2011, we all got together in Azraa's house to cook and bake and yea we went on Facebook. When suddenly....... "OMG EW GUYS LOOK THESE JUNIORS COPIED OUR NAME EW TABLEM8S WITH THE 8 SOMEMORE EW EW EWWWW", yeah basically a group of juniors called themselves the tablem8s too, ew. It would have been okay if they spelt it as tablemates.. but they didn't. So yeah we were all angry and disgusted, we did the first thing any nice senior would do. Hehehe. We commented sarcastic comments on their "Tablem8s" album and liked each others comments. Lol, okay so yeah I actually went on Facebook to look for this (SUCCESS haha).

Reading back, we actually sounded quite nice. Haih it's okay what to do. Haha so yeah anyway back to the story... um yeah and then I don't know how or who proposed the idea of us changing our names to wonderm8s. I think it was Elynna but.. idk haha. And yeah that's how we got our name :D

So there are 16 people in wonderm8s now, there used to be 18, but 2 got kicked out (ceh jk they just didn't feel like they could fit on so they just stopped hanging out with us). They all have a special something about them which I really adore. That's what makes them who they are. With so many people in our group, it's really hard to actually go out with everyone. Honestly to this day, I don't think there has ever been a time when we went out as the complete wonderm8s. But haha it's okay, when everyone gets their license everyday also can go out together. But before that here's my favourite photo of us. Nope, it isn't complete, I have no idea where Uma went (as usual -.-)

They're all super pretty and it makes me feel like a potato sometimes (every time) but... life goes on haha. So anyway, from left - right (top photo), here they are:

I've known Hanna since we were 6, we went to the same kindergarten and I remember she had this Pokemon shirt... and that's basically the only memory I had about us back then LOL. We went to the same primary school together and got into the same class. So we basically grew up together. Hanna is one of the most humble person I have ever met in my life. She would never boast about anything..ever. She's also really smart too. I don't know how she does it, she used to sleep in class all the time and was really busy with interact, handball and stuff but.. she did. She's always there for me no matter what and always knows if i'm sad (cause she stalks me :@) (she stalks everyone omg hahaha), but I love her for that ♥ She always knows what to say and she's very matured. Like a mommy hehehe. But one thing's for sure, never ever ever mess with her. If you do.... RIP (insertyournamehere). Love you, Hanna! ♥

I remember sitting behind Seri in standard one during agama and looking at her drawing of an envelope. On it was her address..and yeah I found out she lived 2 minutes away from me. And that's where our friendship evolved from. We used to tumpang each other to school everyday for 6 years. Environmentally friendly, teehee. Hm Seri is the most ghetto diva nigga in the group, and she can make everything turn fabulouuuussss ~ haha. Oh yeah sHE aLSO tYPES lIKE tHIS, I don't know why she does it but when you try speaking like that out loud, you sound retarded. Just like Seri, hehe. Anyway, Seri is really nice and she knows how to keep secrets. She's really trustworthy and someone you can count on. She can also be really direct and sarcastic at times, and that's a good thing cause you know she won't lie and get honest (and hurtful :'() answers everytime. She can sing really well too, we used to be in the same nasyid group (hehehehe) back in primary school lol. She's also really dramatic which is very funny. Love you, Seri! ♥

Nadiah has been my friend since we were 3! Or 4... I don't know but we went to the same kindergarten hehe. She used to wear dresses all the time. Like literally every single day, (lol yeah funny how I can still remember this). Nadiah is really cute and funny and she's really nice too. She has good taste in music, and she's the one who introduced A Rocket To The Moon to me in form 3. She's great fun to hang out with, and she's really smart too! She took 11 subjects for SPM and is really good at everything woaahhh. She can draw really cute things as well. She can be really quiet at times... but really loud (most of the time). I haven't spoken to her in awhile since she doesn't want to download whatsapp and she's not usually on twitter. I miss her very much. I don't know why but I can see her as a really good mom in the future hehehe. Love you, Nadd ♥

I knew Yassh in form 2, and I was scared of her. I thought she was some gangster. With the straight jet black hair, and her black bracelets omgggg she looked like she was gonna bash people up :'( But of course, I was wrong. (wait she still is a gangster but she wouldn't bash people up). She's one of the sweetest people I have ever met. And she's really fun to hang out with too, she's really pretty and can pull off any hairstyle. Seriously. There was a point in life where she looked like Snow White, ah so pretty. (still is). I was really close to her in form 2, with the rest of the Kooldawgs. Lol, I miss that group, the noisiest and most screwed up group ever! Hahaha. We did so many retarded things back then (bought cigarettes and flushed em down the school toilet HAHAHAHAHA shhhhh) (we were only 14 la pls). We've been through alot too, ah the A.K phase *wink. Although we kinda drifted apart after that, I will always love her and our memories. Btw she has a super cute laugh. Love you, Yassh! ♥

Aqila is so pretty. She's a sweetheart and she's always scared if she says or does anything wrong, which makes her super nice and stuff. Omg i'm only at the 5th person and i'm so tired ah -.- Anyway, Aqila is really funny and has really funny stories too. She studies alot which makes her super smart. You should see her reference books, they look as though 20394 people used them, although she's the only one who actually reads. Haha. She rarely goes out and she's practically.. dead since she doesn't have whatsapp..or twitter..or facebook.. but it's all good she'll always be in our hearts (aww). Love you, Aqila! ♥

Omg cute cat :3 She really is a cute cat! Hahaha, Azraa is super nice but she makes lame jokes all the all the time. And sadly no one ever laughs at them (teehee we love you), but yknw, deep down (really really really deep) we do laugh (no, maybe just vibrate (not even giggle)) a little :p Teehee. Wonderm8s always pick on her, yet she's always calm and okay about it. She's always so patient with us. If I were Azraa i'd prolly quit this whole wonderm8s thing and form a new group by myself hehe. Azraa is also really pretty and her cats are too! We've been through alot... (mario, oreo mint hahaha) and had a lot of fun! Haha. She has really good taste in music too. She takes the funniest photos ever, i.e. the sado picture. Azraa's also always there for me, and knows how to cheer me up! Oh and she can bake really well. Don't know what the wonderm8s would be without her. Love you, Azraa! ♥

Aisyah is my best friend and I've known her since standard one. She's super pretty and I really adore her style. I like everything about her (I sound gay). I know she's going through a really tough time now, but she's a really strong girl who'd be able to pick herself up in no time :) She's someone you can count on, and gives good advice. She's my nandos partner, and probably the only friend who I can actually go out with every single time (as in unplanned plans). I miss her alot, and I can't wait for her to get back from New Zealand. She's also my sasau partner, going to concerts with her is really fun. Aisyah has really good taste in music, and she's a h1p5t3r (not a fake wannabe) hahaha. She's super cool. I like her personality. She can be quiet to people who she isn't close to, but once she's comfortable with them, she's really fun. Her family is really cool too. Love you, Aisyah! ♥

Nysa is my neighbour...yet she's the one who I barely meet -_- hahaha. She's really cute, and really nice too. She's also my tuition buddy and we've had alot of fun (wow lol). From the chubby bunny challenge, to the cracker challenge, we've done alot of retarded things. She's also a really good swimmer! And her dad is so cute hahaha (awkward). Love you, Nysa! ♥
(paragraphs are getting shorter and shorter omg i'm so tired).

Ksherah! My clingy bff :3 She's also another Azraa. She makes lame jokes, and everyone picks on her too. There was a time when she got really mad at us... but hehe you know we were just kidding ^_^ Ksherah underestimates herself alot, she's really smart and good at alot of things (classical indian dancing hehe). She needs to wake up and notice how perfect she is (jangan kembang). She's also really pretty. Love her eyes and her hair! Ksherah's really nice and funny. Never a dull moment when we're together. Even sitting down doing nothing can be really fun with her! Lol. She's super conceited and keeps on taking photos of herself using the instagram filters to make her look prettier hehehe, and she'll send em to us. Half of the photos in my phone are pictures of her -.- She also enjoys singing, although I always become deaf straight after she sends the audio notes, deep down inside I do like her voice (a little) (very little). She's also very secretive about things. Very. And she sucks at baking, failed at a level 1 pavlova...haih. Love you, Ksherah! ♥

Lol hi Karyna! Ok bye Karyna :D

My other clingy bff, lol! Aqilah is a makcik and she likes to membebel, especially on the road. When most people do it, it's super annoying and you'd feel like punching their faces. But when she does it, it automatically becomes funny. Actually, everything that she says is really funny. Hehe. She's also too nice that people take advantage of that. She needs to learn how to say no and actually be mean. She's a really lovely person in general and everyone should get to know her. It's fun hanging out with her cause she always has cool stories. She's also a really lucky girl, get's to travel all over the world (and shop everywhere too T_T). It's sad how some narrow minded people think she's a spoilt bitch for having the stuff she has, she actually works for them (as in saves money, gets good results). So yeah. Although she likes to rape people, she's really safe to hang out with cause she can protect you as in she can gaduh with people and actually win. Hehe, this brings me back Singapore memories..when she wanted to throw her slippers at this filipino couple who wanted to steal our cab. She actually took em off, LOL. Love you, Qeel ! ♥

Bibik Susi! I love her very very very much. We da bibik gang, we even had a (really embarrassing) song about this whole bibik thing. Hehe. I'm really glad I got to experience one of the best times of my life with her in New Zealand. From stalking all the hot japanese/ kiwi guys, to gossiping about people who were actually right behind us (yikes! :x), I can't imagine going through all of this with anyone else :) Hehe. She's a really nice person who's always there to listen to your stories and complains and she can always say the right things to make you feel better. She also always has stories to tell. Elynna also has really good leadership skills and she knows how to take care of a bunch of people. Oh yeah btw her mom makes the best nasi goreng ever :p hehe. Elynna's also really pretty and looks exactly like her mom. Sadly, we don't talk as much as we did last year, although I wish we did. Love you, Elynna! ♥

Huda has gotta be the cutest and most precious wonderm8s member ! Omg she says and does the cutest things it's hard imagining her 18 and in college, lol. She may act like a little kid, but inside, she's actually really matured. She knows what she's doing and she does it well. I really do envy her brains and her kerajinan, lol. Huda is super nice and really friendly too. She can mix well with everyone. My mom likes comparing me to Huda....cause she's the total opposite of me haih lol but it's ok haha. I can tell she's gonna be a really cemerlang person in the future. She's a really hyper person it scares me sometimes, LOL. Love you, Huda! ♥

Syaza can be really insecure about herself at times. She should really notice how beautiful (& skinny) she actually is. She's also very lucky to have her boyfriend cause they look super cute together :) Hehe. Syaza is really a fun person to hang out with, but sadly she doesn't go out much. She's also really nice and makes lame jokes too (omg basically every single wonderm8 makes super lame jokes x.x), but nothing can beat Azraa's lame ness lol. She's good in sports, like high jump and stuff. She's always emo on twitter late at night and I don't like seeing her like that :( So cheer up Syaza. Syaza is a very caring person and she wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone. She's very sweet and her sister is so cute. Love you, Syaza! ♥

My tablemate last year! She was always absent for school haih leaving me alone with my super retarded classmates -.- She just had her appendix removed btw, isn't that super cool! Lol. Mira is a really relaxed and nice person to hang out with. She knows literally every single band (and song) out there, so if you need any music help or whatever, she's the first person you should look for! Haha. Mira is also really intelligent. You can see it by the way she talks, the way she types, the way she acts.... (although she can be retarded and do stupid things at times). I mean she can actually have proper, smart conversations with adults o_o It's cause she reads intelligent people books.. like "The joy of physics", (and she actually enjoys it haha). She may sound like a nerd here, but she isn't. At all. Her personality is really cool. She's also someone you can bully, haih miss those days when she'd bring water with a slice of lemon in it......(and when she doesn't look i'd shake the bottle really hard so the water would taste super weird cause of the sour lemon LOL). She has really cool hair too! Love you, Mira ! ♥

And last but not least, (who wasn't in the photo):
Uma is a party animal, although she hasn't even gone to a real club or party or whatever :p But once she actually does... trust me she'll light up the party, you won't even need those laser lights or whatever HAHA. She is super funny and can make anything she say sound super retarded. She gets picked on alot (especially in class). But I think it's cause she always sleeps...and sleeps...and sleeps. Wait, she hardly even went to school last year cause she was "sick and tired of school", LOL (I felt you). She's also very nice to people and I don't think she has ever made anyone angry. It'd be funny if she did, anyway. You can go crazy hanging out with her, even if it's for awhile o_o Love you, Uma! ♥

And so yeah, that's basically all my wonderm8s :) Love each and every one of them (I mean duh my fingers hurt typing all of that out). Hehe I miss them alot and can't wait to see them soon! So yeah I guess that's all. This has gotta be the longest blog post i've written in years.


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