Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jakuns in KL

Went out with half of the wonderm8s to KL yesterday. Don't really know why we did, maybe cause we ran out of places to go to in PJ and stuff, haha. Had alot of fun though, it was a tourist day out for us! Hehe. (basically we had to take toursit-y pictures everywhere we went). So we went on the LRT and the first stop was Central Market aka Pasar Seni. It was my first time there and omg Central Market is like so freaking hot. We just walked around like some jakuns and took pictures. So yeah here's a cute picture of Hanna, Mira, Aisyah, Azraa, Nad, Huda and I infront of Central Market :D
To make the whole KL trip more tourist-y, we then walked to Petaling Street, which was 3 minutes away...yet we still needed to use a map hahaha fail. Didn't do anything there cause there's nothing to do there (duh).. so we just took another cute photo hehehe what's new anyway right. 
woah look guys kita gi Raggae Bar ni hahahaha.
Walked back from Petaling Street heading to Times Square cause Mira and Aisyah wanted to go to Zone 5. Original plan was to have lunch there buuuuttt.. we suddenly saw Nandos in the middle of nowhere...and yknw we felt bad and stuff cause we had to melariskan their business right later they don't have customers ha susah tu. So ya had lunch in Nandos as usual zz. (Yes hahaha go to KL jauh jauh in the end makan like pergi OU only hahaha)
After lunch, we hopped onto the LRT or monorail or whatever it was that lead us to Times Square. Searched for Zone 5 for Mira.. and ha ha ha hahahhha she didn't even get anything from there aahh life.  Haha the workers were probably judging us or something. I mean why would 7 (minus Ksherah) girls who don't look like people who would actually skate or whatever walk into Zone 5 -_- haih. Went to Converse to get Aisyah's black high cuts. Part of it was a birthday present from the wonderm8s hehe :p After that, we went to go search for my Dr. Martens. Found a shop which had quite many different designs, definitely better than Crossover or Sole What. I think i've found the ones I want... black high cuts. Ahh so pretty :( Price also so pretty :( Hahaha my RM469 better be worth it!
Soon baby, soon !!
Wanted to shop, so we went to H&M in Lot 10, ehe 2 stories of pretty clothes! (Although I really am sick oh h&m, I go there every freaking week.. (paradigm probz)). Didn't even buy anything except for another grey beanie cause nothing really caught my eye. (omg what's happening to me!!) Camwhored in every single mirror we passed by cause we're a bunch of vain niggas. 
Look at Ksherah, nak pergi beach tuuu.
Hanna, Me, Aisyah
Real way to wear a beanie.
Camwhore in h&m part 5.
Camwhore in h&m part 6.
Camwhore in h&m part 7 & 8.
Yes, depan h&m also must take photo.
After shopping (well not so), we walked to Pavillion. Feet were already hurting but haih thats life a a (bajet) tourist :p Hehehe. Wasn't that far away... but far enough for us to take 938491837 pictures, edit them and post them up. Yep. 

Btw I met my boyfriend otw to Pavi (cute grey hair :3 totally fetch and young looking)

Hearts for all of you infront of the fountain, not rempit at all, nope. (Spot the famous people behind us, having a shooting or something. No we don't know who the hell they are but whatever).

 Didn't do anything there though, went there for the sake of aircond (& also to camwhore hahaha). Walked to KLCC which was quite far too -.- But we HAD to take the most tourist-y photo aka one with the twin towers in the background hehe. And we did yay!
Wonderm8s in KL :D
Hanna, Ksherah and I.
Went back straight after since I had ballet and cheer. So yeah I basically had a really good day with a bunch of my favourite people :3
with love from half of the wonderm8s

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