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Seaco 2013 (in every little detail)

Hi guys, hehe it's been awhile since I last updated. Guess I just got lazy. So anyway, SEACO just ended and it was honestly the best 3 days of 2013 so far. Hehehe. (and definitely the best cheer competition i've ever competed in). It was my first time competing internationally and as an all star cheerleader, and i'm proud to say that CA Divas managed to get 1st runner up in the all-girls elite level 5 category, despite the serious injuries and limited time we had. (we had only 2 months).

So, the journey to Singapore was... took so freaking long. We left Sri KL at 8am and only reached Singapore at around 5pm, cause we had to stop for lunch, customs, to wait for everyone and stuff. If it wasn't for Afiqah, Monica, Khairina and Danial, I would have probably died of boredom or something. Was kinda bummed that I wasn't in the same bus as most of the Divas but oh well. Haha. When we got there, it was already 5pm and we were supposed to have practice. The rest of the Divas weren't even there yet, cause of their bus which got stranded somewhere LOL. So, we got our room keys and freshened up. I was in the same room as Phoenix, her mom, Alia and Sarah. Bathed, and went down for dinner. The rest of the Divas finally arrived soon after that. Since we didn't have practice in the evening, we had practice at 10pm. Practiced our pyramid and at 11pm, our light practice ended. We definitely felt confident about our routine. Coach Cheng Choo then told us to go to McD for a bonding session before the competition the next day. We were each given a piece of paper with our names on it, and had to pass it around for everyone to write a message to us. It was fun and what everyone wrote on the paper really boosted my confidence so.. yay hehe. at 12.30, Coach Chee Wei came and forced us to go back to our rooms since it was late and there was competition the next day. So I headed back into my room, took a bath and slept soundly :3 hehe.

The venue.

As we only had to compete around 5-ish, we woke up at 8.30 and got ready for our mat rehearsal at 9.30. After practice, Divas headed back into our rooms, showered and put on our uniforms and poofed up our hair. Thank god my hair poofing skills was still in me after a year :p hehehe. Went down for the opening ceremony. There were so many teams for so many categories. It was cool looking at all the different types of uniforms from Thailand, Vietnam, China-Taipei, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and more! So yeah anyway after the opening ceremony, we started on our make up. Opted for smokey eyes cause uh that was the easiest LOL. Watched the other teams perform, and wow they were all really really really good! Super proud of all the Malaysian teams, especially the ones under Cheer Aspiration! Hehe. Dstarz did very well. We had another mat rehearsal after that, and then it was show time! Hehe. We managed to pull off and almost perfect routine, minus the fact that a stunt group fell. But it was really good and coach was proud of us. And at the end of the day, that's what actually mattered. Hehe. So yeah blablabla they announced that CA Divas placed 2nd in our category (all girls level 5 elite). Was happy yayayayayayyayayyy ok (omg getting bored and lazy to blog hahaha omg). So here are some pictures:

Part of the pyramid.
 Me, Ee Von, twins, Denise.
 happy faces before winning....
Happy faces after winning :D
 The whole CA Awesome family
Lapar so makan medals.

I look like a potato, but oh well. Danial! :D

There was a cultural exchange after the competition ended, but nah was too lazy (as usual) to join in. Went back into our rooms to change and headed to the mall in Costa Sands to have dinner with the rest of the Divas in Fish and co. As usual we had a bitching session. It was so funny knowing everyone felt the same way about a few of the girls in our team ;) Walked around with Michelle to see the shops, and omg there's nothing there. Nothing. Wanted to go for a movie with the whole team...but then we decided to skip the whole movie thing and go back to the room for more gossip :p hehe.

Michelle and I imitating our favourite coaches :3 Aren't we sweet?

My pretty baby

Went to Burger King to meet up with Danial, Greg, Afiqah and Arif and talked for awhile. Then we decided to go bowling. So yeah we went bowling at 1am -_- I don't even like bowling, (yeah I suck at it hahaha). But it was all good. Danial taught me the 'put the ball on the ground and push it' technique..and teehee guess who managed to push down all the pins!! (omfg what do you even call that I forgot) (don't care). Answer: MEEEEE. But after that, I sucked. Again. Pfft. It was really fun anyway, first time actually hanging out with them and they're a bunch of really cool people. Afiqah then wanted to rent a damn bike and ride it around but seriously where were we gonna rent a bike at 2am?! So we just walked around and (obviously) there weren't any we decided to go back and join the Divas (ya everyone else was so sesat) in their gossip session part 870238457234. I hadn't even bathed so I made Afiqah, Greg and Arif teman me bathe in Afiqah's room. Decided to have a sleepover, so we went into Greg's room and talked and talked and talked (plus Mon, Kar Kei, Claire, Vanessa, Shuet Yee and Jeevan). Played dare or dare and haha it was very funny. Shaved Arif's leg hair into a pretty zigzag pattern HAHAHA. Had fun doing nothing (or everything) with them. Since it was already late, we decided to pull an all-nighter.

Afiqah, Danial, Me, Arif and Greg during bowling.
Hahahaha Greg is so precious HAHAHAHA.

Went down for breakfast at 7am with Danial, Greg, Monica & Jeevan while Afiqah and Arif (THE WEAK ONES) slept in the room haih failures hahaha. Greg was already half asleep -_- went back to our rooms to bathe and pack up to go home :( Walked around blablabla had lunch, and yay was in the same bus as the rest of the Divas since many other cheerleaders extended their stay lol. Everyone was super tired so we all slept. The bus ride took 9 hours again. Gossiped as usual. Greg was asleep for the whole 9 hours. Such a disgrace haha.

 Last meal before we left.
 Lazy asses while waiting for the bus (Greg was actually asleep) (Danial wasn't, poser)

And now, here are pretty pictures of a pretty boy sleeping:p hehehe:

Spot the sleeping beauty.

So yeah, basically SEACO was definitely something I shall remember till the day I die hehe. Although we didn't place first or anything, the fact that I got to bond with my teammates made everything worthwhile. I mean, who else gets to spend 3 whole days in a foreign (cewah foreign padahal Singapore only, whatever let me have my moment) country with their favourite teammates?! Also, getting close to the rest (aka the gang) was really nice. Can't wait for the next competition with my Divas ! I smell an awesome cheer season ahead of us! :) 

Definitely honoured to be part of them ♥ ♥ ♥

During our unofficial new intake yesterday, yesss single basing. 

Till then :) x

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