Friday, May 31, 2013

my wednesday night

Hi guys. So lol not much has happened since I last updated my blog, except for the fact that I changed my layout and stuff. Found my previous one too messy. Not happy with it's current layout but hahaha whatever lah i'm the only one who even reads this. (aha personal satisfaction).

Anyway, met up with my favourite girlies yesterdayat Farah's bbq. Ah, i've missed them so much. Too much. Was nice catching up with them. Although all they actually talked about was.. college :( Yes, everyone's leaving soon to e v e r y w h e r e and that ain't cool. But yeah I am happy for them. Hope everyone does well in whatever they do :) Haih haha I feel freaking old. (and I miss school :( ).  Had alot of fun talking and karaoke-ing and kinect-ing and most of all... camwhoring HAHA girl probz. Doesn't matter where or when, tetap kena jadi model muahaha :p (Especially Aisyah and I teehee don't know what shit poses we even did). So yeah here are some cute photos yay

Totally candid and not planned tak pose photo hahaha.
Supporting Sarah woohoo.
I shall never understand the shit poses Aisyah & I do.

And yeah that's basically how I spent my Wednesday night. Spent my whole day today in KL, with a few of the wonderm8s. Had a """""photoshoot""""" (ye la sangat hahaha), and will probably update my blog about that soon. Before I end this post, here is a cute photo of my beshfwen hahaha

Btw is today palau karyna day or something.

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