Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hi guys. So, original plan for yesterday was actually a picnic with the wonderm8s at the KLCC park. But (as usual), most of them couldn't make it cause of college preparations and stuff. I mean, what do you expect from 16 girls right hahaha. So in the end, the remaining not busy wonderm8s aka Aisyah, Hanna, Mira, Azraa and I decided to go to KLCC and take pictures hehehe. Hilman (Hanna's brother) took the photos and hehe he's really good. Thank you Hilman :3 Just realized that in the end it'll always be us 5. For anything (aka the only lifeless mofos who go out and don't care about college bahahaha). But yeah not complaining. Although of course everything would be better if everyone could actually come :( Haha.  Oh well so here were the super cute photos:

 the Aisyah pose :p
 the idk wtf we're doing pose
 paparazzi!!!! (ceh)
 totally normal thing to do 

 hobi aku adalah tido bawah matahari terik sampai buta
 such a happy photo

So yeah. It was a good day. Don't know when we can actually do all this shit again, once everyone starts college :( I'll really miss them. And yeah shall enjoy life as it is now. Goodbye! x

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