Friday, June 28, 2013

So hi, things have been going great these past few days and yeah. This week, especially. I've been busy lately with cheer related things, as cheer 2013's this weekend (finally!!), hehe. Can't wait to see my favourite orange team(s) this year perform. Saw a few routines by the top teams in Malaysia recently and all I can say is... wow it's gonna be a really tough competition this year. It's a good thing that they separated the juniors and seniors based on their levels, haha. I mean like, at least there's hope now for the new teams to actually win something LOL. It's pretty cool that my sister actually joined the school team and will be competing too. Would have never expected that fatty fatty nerd to even do a split hehe. And yes, I am happy for her :3

Also, i'm really excited to perform the 60 people routine on Sunday as a CA Awesome cheerleader yay. Never would have thought i'd be able to step onto the (cheer nationals) blue mat again, after last year. Can't wait! :) It'll be massive as it's the first routine ever to have that many people at the same time. Hoping for a flawless routine! So yeah guys hehe come come come for Cheer '13 this Saturday and Sunday at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil!

Lol ok enough about cheer talk, here's a cute picture of Khairina and I from yesterday.

Today was cool. Finally went for a dstarz practice (after being forced by coach LOL) and saw their routine. (shit i'm talking about cheer again). Super proud of them, they've improved ALOT since I last saw them during sports day. Also, finally got reunited with my Burger Club, minus Neesha :( It was nice to finally see and talk to them after so long. I've been missing them alotttttt. Can't wait for our BC sleepover soon! Hehe.
Hui Wei and Lissa
fucking attractive I scare myself sometimes.
Met up with Iman for awhile after that, and sent him to school. Then, went to fetch Martin with 0 knowledge of how to get there hehehe. Was so stressful for him to give me directions all the way to his house from ss3, especially when I kept on missing turnings (since this dungu kept on giving instructions 1 second too late haha), and for me too. Finally reached after 30 minutes and went to The Bee just because he wanted to eat somewhere """hipster""". Ya he's a bajet hipster. And yeah, that was my day :)
Martin baboon.
Ohmygod btw today I realized how annoying it is to drive with Martin. He kept on making me look at instagram photos and tweets and talked about shit, I couldn't even focus. And when I asked him to shut up he'd pretend to cry like a damn baby and shout. Ugh if I could, it'd campak him outta the window. But, haih.

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