Monday, July 1, 2013

my cheer weekend

Hello, so cheer 2013 just ended and I think i'm having post cheer 2013 depression?! Does that even make sense ugh idk but whatever. Day one wasn't as fun as day two, but it was okay I guess. Went to Martin's house at 7am since he wanted to leave at 7am.....but in the end he was the one who woke up at 8am. Useless haha. Left his house and went to the stadium. There weren't many people there though. I mean, it's a Saturday. Who even goes for cheer competitions on Saturdays lol. Watched all performances and everyone has improved tremendously. Cheer in Malaysia has definitely evolved alot since I first joined in 2008. Even a straight up extension was considered so ""cool"" and "difficult"" back then. But now, 6 years later, even a cupie can fail the impress the judges :p hahaha. Dstarz and Dstarz Junior were pretty good too. Super proud of them, and i'm sure the coaches were too. Best part of the day was definitely finally being reunited with the complete Burger Club. I've missed them lol. Oh and the fact that Martin and I think alike. When we see bad cheer teams on the mats, or ugly cheer uniforms.. we'd just look at each other and start laughing like maniacs hahaha. Mean, I know but oh well what to do right haha. Shun Ken came too, as he promised he would like idk, 6 months ago?! Haha. it was nice to see him after so many months. 

Had rehearsals after that, and then went home and slept till 5. Had to go furniture and curtain shopping after that, plus go to the new house and see if the curtains matched the walls and stuff...totally wasted my energy and time. Haha. Picked Hui Wei up after that for dinner with the Burger Club in OU. Had sushi for dinner and bought cute friendship necklaces, haha took us awhile huh :p Slept over at Neesha's, just like the old days aww. Met Aniq and wow he's grown alot ._. Also, we took cute pictures together hehehe. Exact same pictures we took 3 years ago in Neesha's garden. Ah how time flies.  
Burger Club minus meeeee and see matching tshirts, hehe how cute :3
♥ ♥ ♥

Original plan was to wake up at 5.30 since we had to be in school by 6.30...but us being typical BC's woke up at 6 and spent forever in the shower, left the house at 7am. Thank God they didn't leave us hehe. Cheer day two was definitely better than the first. More people were there and there was more energy from the crowd and cheerleaders. Aisyah came at the same time Azraai and his friends came lolol. Walked around and took photos, was good to see them I guess HAHAHA. Before we performed, Hanna and Nad came too. Aww it's nice having friends who support you all the time aka friends who come to every single cheer competition aka Nad and Hanna and Aisyah Really appreciate it hehe. Didn't really bother watching the performances, except for Dstarz since I watched everything the day before. At 4 or so, it was finally time for Awesome to perform! As we performed under CHARM, we were called charm lolol. It felt really good. The energy from the crowd was amazing. I enjoyed the routine and so did everyone else. I really am honoured to be part of CA Awesome All Stars hehe ♥ 
And yeah basically cheer 2013 was cool and blablabla lazy to type haha nah pictures:
^ looks exactly like the one we took during SEACO lol
look at how big he is o.o
& last but not least, meet my Gangbang Sekolah
Martin, Myra, Danial, Karyna, Greg and Afiqah, from all 3 Awesomes ; LegendsDivas and Prodigy!

And incase you missed our performance during cheer 2013, click here , enjoy :D !

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