Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend in Melaka part i

Hello guysss. Decided to start fresh (again) and delete the previous post I composed feelings. So yeah hi! Decided to spend the weekend in Melaka with my roommates and Razzin (wow). And it so happened to be the first weekend here since I started degree, hehe. Today was productive since I didn't waste time as how I did yesterday...speaking of yesterday, I finally did my HTML where I had to create a simple website (with a specific question given) in a span of an hour. Went back from school at 3.30, and literally lied on my bed, rolled around and used my laptop until my internet quota eventually reached its limit and I died :(

So, today, woke up really early to the sound of juniors doing senamrobik outside my room...zz. Worst part was I could not even fall asleep back, wtf bodyclock! Haha. Razzin fetched me after that, and we went jogging. Ok, not really. He only jogged a mere 1km with me until his knee finally gave in. (He injured it during one of his tournaments). Ditched him like a normal, good girlfriend would do and jogged another 5km around the Botanical Garden. Met up with him again, and went for breakfast. Went back, took a nice long bath and slept ha ha ha.

As Shiro was in a summit in KYUEM, my roommates, Mai and Razzin all decided to be typical tourists and explore Melaka Town. Jonker Street, that is. Huda did her homework the night before and already looked up places to eat (hehe). We reached Jonker Street at 3.30pm, and everyone was starving. We planned to have lunch at a nyonya restaurant called Peranakan Place. Apparently famous for its ponteh chicken. After 30 minutes of walking, searching, and asking directions from a million (three, actually) people, we found the place!! (yay!!) was closed. Ha ha ha. Thank God Kochi Kitchen (another nyonya restaurant) was open, and we decided to have our lunch there. The food was delicious, and service was excellent. Definitely somewhere worth going. 
We had set meal for 5, which consisted of an omelette, assam fish, ponteh chicken, kangkung belacan, mixed vege, and some fishcake tofu thing (which did not appeal to my tastebuds in any way lol). Ordered a set of pie tee too. 

Walked around after that to kuruskan badan since we ate too much..hehe. Went to a super cute soap shop (I know right who goes to soap shops) and saw too many cute things. Took many pictures..ok no well Razzin did. Our photographer of the day hehe. Had cendol after that at a famous cendol shop called... something something 88. Hehe. Walked around more, took pictures and repeat that x1000. Basically gained 5kg after this trip. Here are some pictures of us since i'm lazy to type, yay!!!

nice pose ahahhaha
cutesy hello kitty soap
I found this funny, hehe

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