Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ayam bek

Just as I thought I'd get the whole blogging momentum and start updating this blog at least weekly....hehehe. I have been really really really busy lately, with finals (which just ended). Which actually means i'm currently on my sem break for three weeks! Finally! I have been waiting for this since basically, the beginning of degree haha. Finals were on for two days, two hours each. Not gonna lie, the papers were really tough (for me). There goes a perfect GPA...but it's okay because life goes On the bright side, I managed to score an A+ for my Management of Information Systems subject, (which was quite a shocker, since I literally knew nothing about this). But thank God for my HTML project(s) which helped me pull up my marks. If any of you want to take a look at one of my projects I worked on for 6 weeks, click here! (best viewed on a 13-inch Mac) (Yes, if you use any other laptops at any other size the words'll get screwed up....HAHAHA).

Anyway, I finally fixed my iPhone, and updated my iOS8..and I quite like it actually. Especially the self-timer function. Perfect for people like me who constantly have to force siblings to unwillingly take ootd pictures haha. Here's my first self-timer photo with my college friends:

On the 2nd of October, it was Razzin's ♥ birthday! Yay, was thinking of a million ways to surprise him way before his birthday, but finally on the night before the 2nd, my roommates and I planned a perfect way to surprise him. But sadly, this mengada birthday princess just had to ruin our plan for some reasons and we ended up having to change the whole thing. My roommates especially and I were annoyed as hell and not to mention angry, but went on with it anyway. We drove all the way to Razzin's house and did the typical flour-and-eggs thing and celebrated his birthday. Way lamer than our original plan, but it wasn't our fault anyway. Hehe, no one asked this birthday princess to be so diva-like and not wanting to just follow our way! Lol.

 Ayesha and her plastic protection 
 Me and the birthday boy, after the whole egging ceremony haha

So, on the day of his birthday, Razzin had to re-present his HTML project, since he wasn't happy with what he got on the real day. While he was presenting, Huda, Shiro, (as well as Yo, Zaid and Ater) decorated his car with a bunch of post-its I passed around since a few days before his birthday. The post-it's were full of cute (and some disgusting 18sx lol) messages. When Razzin came down, from the look of his face, we knew we succeeded. It was nice to see him happy. 

On the 5th of October, it was our 1 year anniversary (finally). ♥
Then, on the 6th of October....I tore my ear. Haha yeah literally tore it into two while playing frisbee with my college friends. Razzin's housemate was going to turn and run to back, whereas I was going to the front, and we collided with maximum impact haha. Nothing happened to him, but his spectacles ripped my ear and blood was flowing like the Niagara Falls lol. Initially, I didn't want to stitch my ear back since I did not want an ugly scar on my ear from this. But after being forced by my dad, roommates and Razzin, and getting reassured a million times that it would not hurt, I finally decided to go to the hospital and stitch it up the next day. Here's a beautiful picture of my ear for you guys:

The service in the hospital sucked, and Razzin and I had to wait for almost four hours just to fix my retarded ear. Not the kind of service you'd want to receive from a private hospital. When my time finally came, I was super scared...zz. The whole process didn't actually hurt, excluding the injections and the first stitch, which I could feel the needle going through my skin and out. :(

But whatever it is...i'm awwwwrighhhtttt!!

Not much happened after that, since it was finals. Now, i'm back on my comfy bed, appreciating every single moment I have before college starts again. Going on a trip in a few days with my friends for a week, and I am very excited about that. But for now, I shall clean my room and then bake banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting! Thanks for reading :) xx

 The condition of my room now....need to sort out my life asap.
Razzin's face most of the time when I kacau him drive and force him to take selfies with me ^_^

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