Saturday, May 23, 2015

a HUGE surprise

Today was such a good day for me!! Well, excluding the fact that I had to wake up at 8.50am for a class at 9am....and had another class after that..(& two more which i skipped lol), today was nothing but good. Razzin and I went back home at 11.30am, after a month of having to stay till Saturday till we could go back. The journey was really long since there were sooo many accidents along Seremban. But it's all good cause I slept in the car and made him drive through the jam alone HAHAHA. Reached PJ around 1++, and headed straight to Ikea, since we've both been craving for IKEA meatballs for sooo long! Thank God there were not many people, compared to other days. Razzin ordered 20 pieces meatballs (OMG) and I had 5 pieces, plus broccoli. My favourite vegetable of all time hehe. We were happy we managed to satisfy our IKEA meatball cravings :)

After eating, we walked around Curve to ""digest"" the meatballs. It was nice, since we used to go there ALOT during our ~~foundation dayz~~ (since we literally had meatballs almost everytime we went out lol) (but seriously though there's nothing in Curve...lame). Went into Bath & Body Works and Razzin the smarty pants bought me a monkey keychain (which lights up!!!!) just cause he wanted to tell the world I am a monkey in his eyes, ugh rude. I'm totally not a monkey. More of a princess hehe. After walking around, we had dessert in Dip n Dip and that was quite a bad decision. Ordered a LARGE fettuccine crepe, and we actually thought we were SMART for ordering a large one as it was only RM4 extra for an upsize....but HAHAHAHHAHHA we totally wasted more than RM4. Couldn't finish it, and we could feel the chocolate already oozing out our ears! But it was funny and nice, spending time with each other, away from all the stress in Melaka, thinking about our undone assignments and what not. Razzin sent me back after that, lepak-ed in my house for awhile and played with my cats.

The keychain HAHAHAHA, put it on my bag although it doesnt match AT ALL.

At around 5.30, I got a text from Huda asking where was I. Told her I was at home. 20 minutes later, she casually asked where I was, and then asked me to look for a ""big package"" outside my house. I checked from the window, and there was nothing. Thought she was pulling my leg, and replied with a "yeah right". Huda asked me to check properly, telling me that the person told her the package has already been delivered to my house. This time, I actually went out of my house, and searched for the ""package"". Suddenly...

*car horns loud*
Me: wtf *looks at car*
*car horns again*
Me: wtf *walks away*
*car horns louder*
Me: *goes closer*
(Repeat that x5 cos the windows of the car was tinted)
Me: OMG could it be...

And in the car, I saw the fattest boy ever and it was none other than my BEST FRIEND FOREVER MARTIN WONG GUO KAI !! ♥ !! I literally shouted in the car cause I was soooooo happy so see him after 5 months. I was shocked too, since he told me he was only coming back in God knows when. But yeah I think you get me, he kept this all a secret and surprised me 2 hours after landing. I was so touched <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">
He even remembered that I wanted to try the red velvet Oreos all the way from US, and brought back a packet for me aww. Then he told me how he actually came way earlier, only to find out that I was in Curve, through Twitter. Then, he went all the way to Curve, and texted Huda, asking where I was (hence, the first text she sent to me), finding out I was already at home. He then came to my house for the second time, aww #friendshipgoals LOL. We then went to Nandos (LOL THERES NO NANDOS WHERE HE STAYS) and had wedges...yeah out of all the back to Malaysia food he could eat, he chose to eat potato wedges and an iced lemon tea LOL. Talked and talked about all the things we've been missing out on each other, and went back straight after that as he had a dinner with his parents after that. Took 20 minutes to look for his car and even had to go on the free buggy ride thing cause we were both stupid and didn't remember where he parked his car. haha

 All in all, it was a very good day, cause I got to spend time with Razzin, and I finally got to see Martin, whom I was supposed to meet only in 29837423 years since he was never supposed to come back :') This has been a good ending to my week, and only hoping things will get better and better from here, Amin!

Thanks for reading! x

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