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Alt-j, Singapore and friends

I rarely blog, but when I do, it's to always remind me about the fun and memorable events that has taken place in my life...(although I usually ((always)) decide to give up halfway. You should see my drafts, filled with half written blog posts which I probably should either: a) delete them or b) finish them up and post it. Lol you get the point. Anyway, two days ago, after a whole month of fighting (& almost dying) through the battle of what people call MIDTERMS, my friends and I went to Singapore. I know, it doesn't even sound exciting HAHA. In fact, this is my fourth time going to Singapore with my friends alone...but I can surely say that this was the best :)

The main reason of going was solely to see Alt-J, but well, since we were going, and already spending money on the hotel and the flight tickets, we might just extend our time there and make full use of our short getaway. Even if it means skipping class and having to replace those stolen hours. :( I, myself went because of Aisyah. We planned to watch Alt-J together, and bought tickets only 2 weeks before the event. But sadly, she did not join my friends and I for our adventures, cause she came a day earlier, and spent time with her family, and had to leave on the day the concert ended cause her sister had finals the next day! 

So, the journey started on Sunday morning. My mom sent me to KLIA2 (which is super far from my house omg), and I was the first to reach. Waited for Azeez, Teo, Afiq, Nadira and Dhiya in The Loaf for about 30 minutes. When they reached, we went to the boarding area and soon, we were up high in the sky, flying though the fluffy clouds....(actually sleeping in the place but yea lol). When we reached, we had to use the MRT and change so many lines to get to our hotel, which took about an hour or less. Our hotel was situated along Little India, in between fancy banana leaf rice restaurants haha. It wasn't really a hotel, more of a backpackers dorm, where everyone slept in one dorm, and had our own capsules, separated by a curtain. Haha, was really cute and it was comfortable (& had fast wifi!!) I ain't complaining. We were all hungry, and decided on going to Haji Lane, since we had alot of time to kill before the concert started. Transported there using the MRT. Thank God I still had my card from the last trip, which made things much easier for me.

 Azeez and friends.
 Teo looking fab with my bag (which IMO doesn't suit him AT ALL lol)

When we reached Haji Lane, we were all looking for maybe a cute cafe where we could eat nice food and take pretty pictures.. but sadly we couldn't find any?! There were some cafes, but all of them sold only cakes, we were looking for solid food. In the end, we opted for kebab...real good kebab. Had a break from walking with our kebabs, and continued our aimless journey. Took more cute pictures together along the pretty graffiti on the walls. 

The girlies
 My ootd: denim jacket from Topshop, sheer top and skirt from cotton on, shoes from Converse.

 MIA: Azeez

After that, Nadira wanted to get some things from Lush in Somerset, so we took the train there and looked for the place. Then, we decided to get the ice cream roti by the roadside along Orchard Road. However, after almost an hour of walking and taking pictures (plus our super bad bearings), we got lost and found out that we were literally walking in the opposite direction :) ! But it was all good anyway, since we talked, laughed and took many pictures on the way. Decided to go back to the hotel, freshen up and go to the concert venue.

 The cutest specs shop ever! Wanted to get a pair but $$ :(

 Lush, Karyna and Teo

After a nap (lol), a nice bathe, we were all ready to go see Alt-J...and somehow everyone wore wore white...except for me HAHAHA. We were all stoked to see Alt-J..but also very hungry, so we stopped at a mall and had dinner in the foodcourt.
Before getting all sweaty, notice how THEY were all wearing white....and how we were perfectly arranged by height. How perfect!!

 They were all wearing the same shirts, but in different colours!
When we reached the concert venue, I looked for Aisyah, since we were supposed to go for the concert together. Thought it was going to be a hard task, but luckily for me, she was just 20 people in front of me. We met again inside and there weren't as many people as there should have been, but what do you expect, not many know Alt-J ((not complaining. its good)). The concert was supposed to start at 8, but obviously it did not start until 8.30pm. Then, Hunger of the pine started playing and the crowd went crazy, including me ofcourse. The highlight of the whole performance was Fitzpleasure as everyone knew every lyrics to the song. ALt-J was nothing but perfect, exactly how I imagined them to be - but better. They played about 16-ish songs and although I wished they played more, I had a really good time singing, dancing and SCREAMING to them. It was definitely a night for me to remember. That was also my first concert outside Malaysia ever, and was worth the money and time spent. I really enjoyed my night.

 The boys
 The girls

Went to USS after that. Haha jk just took a picture cause HARAPAN.

 After the concert, we were all very sleepy and tired and bathed to get ready to sleep. 12++am, Azeez texted me ajaking me for supper with Teo and him cause they were hungry. So, with my specs and wet hair, we walked to the ""closest"" 7-Eleven (which was actually quite far zz), and bought some food. Walked back, and talked about life haha. Talked and laughed till 4am, can't remember the last time I actually had company to my sleepless nights, and for that, I am really thankful. So glad that these two will be joining me in Wellington soon :)

Confused faces.

The plan for the second day was to go to wake up early and go to Universal Studios Singapore...HA HA HA Funny joke. We all ended up waking up at 11.30. My wake up call was the housekeeping lady ketuk2 my bed asking me if I wanted to check out. Lol, a nice way of saying "GET OUTTA YOUR BED LAZY ASS I NEED TO CHANGE THE SHEETS" :( Woke up the rest, and by 12.30pm we were all set and ready to face day 2! Walked to the MRT station, and went to Haji Lane (again) to eat at a famous briyani shop which had the best murtabak ever! The briyani was alright, although ofcourse i've tasted much better ones (briyani batu pahat haha). After that, we went to Orchard Road to look for the ice cream roti we've all been looking for since the day before. Walked for a pretty damn long time till we found ONE stall. As per usual, I bought my favourite raspberry ripple ice cream sandwich ♥ It was delicious, especially in the scorching sun. Walked more, (did I tell you how slow we all walk, Afiq and Nadira would usually be the ones walking way ahead of us, and having to slow down for us haha). Went to a few shopping malls as Nadira needed to get presents for her family members. Surprisingly during this trip, I didn't buy even a single item, (excluding an Alt-J tshirt which costed me $50 -___-). But that really is something to be proud of LOL.
My ootd ft. ice cream roti.
Top & shorts from Factorie, shoes from Asos by JuJu Jelly, necklace from F21.

Happy girls and ice cream roti's.
Also, we found Ben's Cookies in one of the shopping malls. Was quite disappointed, though...i'd rather much have a white chocolate macadamia cookie from Subway lols.

Love love love these two pictures. Thanks to the random stranger who had to take the picture.

After walking around for hours (my feet hurt thanks to my super flat jelly sandals with literally a 1 inch sole...haha), we decided to go back to the hotel, grab our stuff and head to Gardens By The Bay. But well, we were tired and spent a good 30 minutes just using the hotel wifi to upload photos and decided to cancel our gardens by the bay plan. Also cause we were broke as hell haha. Reached the airport and checked in, boarded our plane and went back home.

Reached KL at around 9+, and Nadira's father fetched us, went to her house to get Afiq's car, had dinner, and drove back to Melaka :((( haih Melaka.

The cutest photo ever, haha look at Teo and Azeez!!

From this trip, what I can conclude is that:

  1. No matter where you go, if you're with the right people, it will be fun. Even if it means just walking around doing nothing. 
  2. Concerts are fun only if you know the songs they sing. Not that I didn't know Alt-J songs, I did. Just saying from what I noticed there haha.
  3. Singapore is expensive and spending $50 on a tshirt ain't a good idea.
I'm super glad I went, and managed to release all my stress that has been building up inside of me the past few months. Sadly, I am now back to reality...another 2 weeks+ to finals, and less than a month to freedom..and then insya Allah i'll be off to New Zealand. Hope everything goes well! Before I end this post, here's a lovely picture of Teo. 

Till then, thanks for reading! xx

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