Monday, October 19, 2015


So I decided to read my blog earlier on, and I realised how...sad every single thing I posted sounded like. It's not that my life has totally hit rock bottom - it's just that I use this blog as a platform to express my thoughts and feelings, when no one's there to hear me out. And that's when the troubled thoughts (lol) come about, hence the sad posts. It seems as though i've been lingering on the past, fretting about all the suck-ish things that hits me once in a while, till I forget to appreciate the little things in life that make me happy. Hence, this happy and hopefully short blog post about the things that have made me smile this past week. 

Firstly, a day out with my friends. The sun was out, it was a bright Sunday and we all decided to wake up early for once, instead of the usual waking up at 1pm, and deciding it's too late to do anything anyway. Went to the Sunday market, bought fruit, vege and food. Had a picnic in the sun. Walked to the beach after that for the gelato, and to make full use of the whole 'I-woke-up-early' thing. Suntanned as if i'm not tan enough haha. Doesn't sound like much, but these are the things i'd be missing once we part each other and leave Welly for good. 

A few days back, it was Sara's birthday. Instead of the usual surprise in her room @12am, we decided to celebrate the next day and have a picnic (lol I swear that's all we do). We cooked together the night before, and LOL Sara just HAD to come into 035, where all the preparation was going on. She even picked up the Happy Birthday candles laid out on the table. She asked what the oreo crumbs (used for the cake) was for....we made up the worst excuses ever. AHAHA. The next day, we managed to surprise her, and she was happy. It felt nice, to make someone who has been an angel to everyone before this, smile :)

And lastly, Malaysian Night. It was last night, and guess what - I actually performed. I am so NOT the type to actually make an effort to go for practices and spend time doing all these things but I that was good. It was nice to try out a new type of dance, and despite only having three practices, I think we did pretty well. Haha atleast we didn't forget any steps, right? Lol. The night was nice, surrounding myself with people coming from the same backgrounds, speaking the same language. However, the only downside was definitely the food. Was expecting some good ol' roti canai....but what we got was....mat salleh version of malaysian food. Mango sticky rice was literally STICKY rice (not pulut, even) with little bits of mango. HAHA that sucked.

And these few people right here - are the main reason why I can't be bothered to go out and make new friends. Yes, I would say that with them, i'm in my comfort zone, not wanting to explore new things, knowing that no matter what, they'd always be there, and despite everything, we're all happy with each other. Yea, I know I should totally....make more friends but haha, it will take time and I swear i'll start after this sem...LOL.

Ok that's enough of positivity in a post, I should really start studying since....i'm on my study week (& I haven't started any single thing...die die die). Till then! xx

Update: I've decided to update my diary more often now, as a way to pour my feelings out - I'd die I swear if anyone ever reads it as for now ha ha ha

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