Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My weekend getaway.

So, last week was one of the most stressful weeks ever since i've got here, due to the managerial AND financial accounting mid-semester exams I had to go through. Both of the papers were SHIT, especially managerial. Don't know how and why my brain was just so slow during the exam and study period...and the worst part was both of those papers carried a heavy weightage on my final scores :( but it's okay haha motivation for me to work my ass off for commercial law, taxation, as well as finals. (AS IF! HAHAHA).

In order to release stress, Razzin and I decided to book a flight to Auckland. Okay, the main reason was actually to see my best friend, Aisyah while she was there, as well as all my other friends. We booked the flight a week earlier, for the evening after our ACCY221 paper but were quite stupid cause we didn't even bother checking what time our exam finished that day....hahaha. Thankfully, we made it to the airport in time (after paying a hefty sum to the taxi driver ugh), and boarded our plane safely. When we arrived, Aisyah and Amirah greeted us at the airport, bringing us to Carlaw (aka where Huda stayed). I was flabbergasted, looking at the students residence. I mean how luxurious can one get? For only $240/ month, including electricity, their accommodation was super worth it. Really large living room and rooms, not to mention a fully furnished kitchen with every single cooking thing you need in your life, really good heaters...ugh. Stafford you need to UP YOUR GAME. Anyway, as per usual, Huda wanted to sleep early...leaving me alone ;(( Slept on the same bed as Huda, aww reminded me of KYSB days where we'd sleep side by side, stealing each others' pillows and ending up on each others beds :)) (not rly)

The next morning, Aisyah woke me up pretty damn early for someone on holiday..(8AM!!!), telling me her uncle could fetch me and send us to Dress Smart. I quickly rushed and got ready in like, 20 minutes?! Skillz...haha reached pretty early so we had breakfast at a cute cafe nearby. Talked and gossiped over the SWEETEST waffles in the history of all waffles in the world, and we couldn't even finish those. Diabetes, I tell you. The fact that I ordered a hot chocolate didn't help, either -_- But either way, it was nice, finally being able to catch up with Aisyah after what seemed like 10 years. :) Don't know when the next time we'll be able to do that again, but hoping it'll be soon! After that, when Dress Smart finally opened, we walked around, bought some stuff....was pretty disappointed with everything though. Yes, there were sooo many things. But that was the problem, actually. Too many things till I got too lazy to look around LOL. Ended up buying a dress, two shoes, phone covers, makeup...and that was about it haha. Shoes (Vans) were really cheap, and I had my eye on a pair or two, but sadly none of those came in my size. Aisyah was lucky as she found a pair she had wanted for long....although they weren't in her size, she bought it anyway, telling herself she could wear a pair of really thick socks to make em fit (hahahaha).

After that, we went to Queen Street, and had lunch at Better Burger. Burgers were pretty good, so much better than Burger Fuel, for sure. Wish Wellington had those....ha ha ha. Met up with Roy (finally!!!! ♥ ) and Razzin, and talked. Aisyah and I walked around Queen Street, and I bought a few things. (goodbye moolah ;( ). Aisyah went back after that, and Roy, Razzin and I met up with a few friends at Ayuthaya for dinner. Food was okay, but who needs food when you have friends right?! (HAHA ME). Made Daniela sleepover at Huda's house, since we had plans for the next day.

Sweetest breakfast with the not-so-sweet girl :p 

My ootd: jacket by Zara, dress by H&M, shoes by Converse, bag by Longchamp

The next day, we woke up early with intentions of going on a ferry ride to Waiheke Island and spend the whole day there. Sadly, it started pouring, and we decided to catch the ferry at noon, in hopes that it'd stop raining. Thankfully, luck was on our side and it stopped raining as soon as we reached the harbour :) Hehe God loves us! We took the ferry to Waiheke Island, taking about 40 minutes, for $36. It was scenic, but sadly I was slightly sea-sick and had to stay inside. When we got there, the weather was just perfect for walking around. It wasn't too hot, or too cold and the sky was in a beautiful shade of blue. We had lunch first, which consisted of grilled toki fish, and kumara chips (my faveeee!!). After lunch, we walked to the beach, took videos and pictures, and had homemade gelato. (Banana and white chocolate, how could you possibly go wrong?) Waiheke Island honestly felt like a mini Hawaii in the middle of Auckland. It was definitely a nice place to visit. But to stay? I'd say no! One night would be enough, but not for the rest of my life, haha. No source of entertainment, I felt like I was on a deserted island!!! (But it was super pretty and chill so that's a plus point, haha). Walked to the end of the island (jk we took a bus ain't nobody got stamina to walk that far), and took pictures and walked among the pretty rocks. Sat on stones, talked, admired the beautiful scenery. It was nice. Managed to see a rainbow UP CLOSE HAHAHA. We tried searching for the pot of gold but hmm no luck :/ Overall, it was a beautiful and very very chill place to be at and I enjoyed the experience thoroughly :) We took the ferry at 6pm, and then I met up with friends and had dinner at a ""mamak"". Went to Jai's apartment, hung around for abit while Razzin played FIFA and went back.

Lunch overlooking the sea! (Thats my kumara chips and Huda omnomnom)

My ootd: Jacket and pants by Topshop, tshirt by Cotton On, necklace by Dotti, jelly sandals by Hannah.

On the third day, Huda woke me up early in the morning to go to a market. At first I was like "wtf gurl u wakin me up this early to go to a damn market?!!?!", and wanted to go with ugly clothes and muka tak mandi. Then....I got to know it was a French market. Uuuu posh haha. Dressed up (to go to a Walked through really steep hills and down just to get to this place. The market was okay I guess, not many stalls compared to Welly's Sunday market...but I had this really good Turkish crepe with stuffed lamb so it was all good!! Huda bought some vegetables, and we headed to Parnell after that to take pictures and look around. Went back to Huda's place and I...slept...HAHAHAHA. Around 3pm, I went out with Aisyah, Roy, Razzin, Stiffler, Aliah and her fiancee and had lunch. Went to Nukman's place after that and chilled. Watched the amazing Auckland sunset from his place. After that, we met up with Huda and went to the chocolate boutique. (Hold up, it sounds like literally all I did was eat. (it kinda was)). Talked and talked in the cold wind but it was nice to do that.

Ootd: Jacket from Zara, tshirt from Uniqlo, Culottes from Glassons, bag from Skinny Dip London, shoes from Nike.

Not much to say except that LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING.
On the last day, I packed to go back...Aisyah came...we went to Queen Street since there was nothing else to do...met up with Daniela, Amy, Stiffler, Lego for lunch...and went home. :(

All in all, it was a pretty successful trip and it left my heart in such happiness I haven't felt for such a long time. To meet friends who played a big role in your life - in which you had to say goodbye to a few months ago, to talk and joke around as if distance never really mattered, that was nice. It was really comforting knowing those friends never change, knowing that no matter where we are in the world, a piece of each other will still be lingering around, reminding us of each other, any time, anywhere :) Although I do wish those friends were here, I am settling down in Welly pretty well, with a bunch of people I do enjoy spending time with, and I wouldn't change that for anything. God has His plans for me, and i'll cherish every step along the way.

Till then, Auckland. Thanks for having me :)

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