Thursday, May 26, 2016


So I'm super tired from everything that happened today, and he fact that I only had 4 hours of sleep last night didn't help either, but I decided to write this post before I get lazy, and never actually get around to doing it.

Well, if you know me well enough, or knew me since I got to NZ mid last year, you'd know how much i would have often complained about how boring it is here - or how I only have like, 5 friends. I never saw this as a problem, really as to me, why bother meeting new people when I've met people i'm most comfortable with already. Life was good, no drama, laughter everyday..

Until recently, someone commented on how antisocial i've become, and how my mentality was so messed up. I did agree, but continued to defend myself, saying how people already have their own group of friends and didn't want to talk to me. I didn't really put much thought to it, but decided to somewhat step out of my comfort step at a time (with Nadzers by my side of course! Haha). We decided to go for more events organised by clubs, and meet new people. It was a good feeling, being able to talk and mingle around with a completely new group of individuals, seeing how nice everyone actually was! Who knew, people here could be so friendly HAHAHA.  Sad how I wasted half a year last year being trapped, both by myself and by another person. Sad how I was too scared to make friends, thinking everyone would judge me, when little did I realise I was the one judging them for thinking they'd judge me....haha.

This trimester, I even joined a cheer team, under Ignite Cheer and Tumble....all alone AHAHA. When I mean all alone, I basically mean without anyone I knew beforehand. But again, it wasn't all that bad. Everyone's super helpful and understanding in the team, I would say it's new experience compared to how I cheered in Malaysia. Practices are much more laid back, and you do things at your own pace. It's nice, doing what you made you happy for 7 years of your life before this all over again.

Anyway, I had an amazing weekend, filled with food, friends and fun ahaha.

Nadzlin, Kak Intan and Kak Yaya. Just met Kak Intan and Kak Yaya literally 2 weeks ago and I swear they're my fave 23 year olds in Wellington ♥ 
 Met a furry friend on Saturday after the Adventure Time Amazing Race
Teammates for the race. We managed to get fourth place. HAHAHA not bad right tak dapat last
Afiq, Daoh and Ali

Also, I tried something new on Saturday. Finally bought a pennyboard after contemplating on and off for so long. Haha, cruised all around the waterfront and into the city back home. Such a chill Saturday night activity. (hashtagdontbeafraidoftryingnewthings)

Matching shuz ♥
Ssso pretty, at my fave place in the whole of Wellington.

Also, I just submitted my last assignment of the trimester at 2pm :) Now all i'm left with is finals, and i'll be done with my second year degree!! Oh how time flies....hahaha.

I guess, sometimes all you need is a little push. Thank you, A.

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