Thursday, May 11, 2017

First world problems

Less than two months till i'm done with uni for life. (I hope..) I know how most people in my situation would be happy about this, happy to be done with education. Me, on the other hand...I tend to think to far beyond, even before I solve my current problems, or pass a current hurdle. I'm supposed to be enjoying my last few months of living life abroad with my friends, while at the same time try to improve my (rather sad looking) CGPA. However, I honestly have no motivation whatsoever to go through anything at all right now. I just want to get everything over and done with. Mainly because I miss home, my family, friends, and boyfriend so so so so so much. The fact that there are so many interesting events & concerts (!!) going on right now isn't really helping my current situation. Not only that, me thinking about my future doesn't motivate me to be better, unlike any other normal person. Instead, I find myself panicking and getting anxious thinking about it.

I've been studying accounting for the past 4 months, and will be graduating with a major in accounting and commercial law. However, none of these subjects interest me at all - clearly too late to realise that... I won't lie, i've had days whereby i'd actually think of ways to completely change my majors. Doing my internship in the corporate sector made me realise how much I am not suited for that life. In fact I honestly do not know how one can enjoy sitting at a computer for hours just crunching numbers...going home late...NO. Which then led me to another option after I graduate - furthering my studies.

Lol I feel like every single problem i'm going through now honestly shouldn't even be a problem...they're all literally first world problems that most people would be ??thankful for?? I sound and honestly feel so negative, which is why I decided to write this blog post after all - to let everything out. I hope everything turns out well in a few years. Looking forward to my bright future ahead, insya Allah. Amin.

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