Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer 2016

Hi guys!
This blog post has been kept in my drafts for about...5 months, mainly because i've been too caught up with life (read: lazy to type) recently. Since I haven't written in ages, here are a few updates to the 5 people reading this lol.

  • I'm still living in Wellington.
  • I'm going back to Malaysia (for good, boo) at the end of July.
  • I have 3 more days of lectures till the end of uni life.
  • Final exams are in 3 weeks.
As much as I am excited to go home to Malaysia for good (finally no more goodbyes), I will definitely miss Wellington more than anything. I will miss the freedom I have here, I will miss how everyone here is so supportive and open, I will miss the super blue skies, I will miss picnics every Sunday's after the market, I will miss the coffee.... Buuut, I'm coming back anyway in December for graduation and Alt-J (!!!!)

Anyway, the main point of this post wasn't about an update about my life, instead it was supposed to be on the highlight of my 2016. In other words, the best month I had in 2016 aka the time Haiqal (my boyfriend, who was my best friend at the time HAHA) came to NZ!

K so an update incase anyone's wondering who Haiqal is, and how we even got to know each other:
I met Haiqal in Summer 2015 (December), through...social media. AHAHA who would have thought a simple conversation about bird poop would blossom into a very beautiful friendship. (I snapchatted a video of bird poop on my window, and he went all "my mom says bird poop brings good luck) (Haha, little did he know he was the good luck...lolol cringe). I was still in NZ during that time, and we started talking. We met up when I came back to Malaysia that summer and instantly clicked = besties for lifey. 

A year later (summer 2016), he booked a flight to NZ. He stayed in NZ for a month, and it was such an amazing time for me (and hopefully him too). Too much happened in the span of the month for me to type everything out, so... pictures! 

When I picked him up from the airport, with Kak Yaya, Kak Intan and Nadzers. Haiqal was so tired from the crazy 24 hour journey.

The first day he was here - pretty gloomy. This was 3 days after the major earthquake that struck Wellington. 

When we were clingy bff's and wore the exact same outfits...Kenzo sweaters (he lent me his sweater he never even wore yet aw), black jeans & shoes & a cap LOL.

Went to Te Papa Museum

Cooked masak lemak cili padi 

Ps: Nadzers and I won a $150 bubble tea voucher during this time.

Had brunch at Scorching Bay.

HAHAHA Haiqal and a giant Kiwi. Someone actually thought this was real OK.

Forcing him to love me

Me in my natural habitat



Skated along the harbour (He brought his penny board all the way here for one session of cruising LOL). Also this is when I dropped my phone and cracked the screen RIP.

We even jumped off the Harbour! (Finally!!!) So glad I got to experience this with him.

He also cooked his signature (super yum) roast chicken!

We hiked up Mt. Vic too.

50 cents chicken wings, which sadly cost $1 now...

HAHAHA we drove 1.5 hours just to go to a dodgy farm, which only had probably 5 animals.

aaa <3 p="">

After spending 2 weeks in Wellington, we decided to something crazy - drive from Wellington to Auckland in one day. With no stops haha! And mind you, Haiqal was the only one driving. Hats off to him for safely driving us there in one piece. It was a great journey - we even managed to stargaze in the middle of nowhere.

A short break from driving - Lake Tekapo

HAHA cumil story: You see the ""sand"" or land whatever you call it? Well guess what IT WASN'T EVEN LAND! It was water with rocks on top and I accidentally (HAHA) dragged him into the water...yeah our shoes and socks got wet. 

Huka Falls - magical

We reached Auckland at around 3am, and crashed at Huda's, for the night

Lol hold up, don't know how this picture ended up here, but yay chicken and waffles!

We hiked up Mt. Paku summit, with Daniela and Nadzers. The view was 11/10 - breathtaking.

Insta famous at work

aaaa <3 p="">

We went to Catheral Cove, the place Narnia was shot. This is my favourite place in NZ.

We also spent alot of time walking around Auckland City.

Spent a day in Ponsonby with Khairina.

One of the reasons Haiqal came alllll the way to NZ was also to watch Coldplay. (This was wayyy before they announced any shows in Asia). I thankfully managed to score a ticket for him, and let's just say that the concert was an adventure of a lifetime.

HAHA this was unintentional, I swear!

Luv luv

Everything about the concert was amazing - the visuals, the music, the way they interacted with the audience. We even got to stand in front. Wouldn't have wanted to experience the concert with anyone else!

Went to the Auckland Art Museum


On the last day of Haiqal in NZ, we ran to see the sunset at the Viaduct harbour. Only managed to see in on the way there, but decided to stay awhile to admire the pretty lights.

All in all, I had a lovely time being a tour guide (and at the same time play tourist) with Haiqal. Looking forward to more adventures with this one. ♥


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Anonymous said...

You guys didnt click, you just smooched him in with your firsthand intentions of wanting him as yours. Cheap. You know he had a girlfriend when you met him but you're slutty, so you even hugged him for a pic while both of you were just friends which is even cheaper. Hope things end well with you two.