Friday, June 23, 2017

Point & Shoot

So i've been taking pictures using a 35mm film camera, namely the Olympus Mju II. I've only developed two rolls so far, mainly cos I haven't properly travelled anywhere and life has been filled with exams, assignments and studies. Pretty happy with the outcome - I mean how can you go wrong with a point and shoot right hahaha. I'm honestly pretty noob when it comes to photography but hey everybody starts from somewhere! I just recently developed the second roll, and I guess it's true - the longer you wait to develop a roll, the more special it gets! It's nice looking at photos you forgot you even took in the first place. Trying to make it a point to actually print out the photos, but it's so expensive to do in New Zealand, so i'll just wait till i'm back in Malaysia to do them.

Anyway, these are a few of my photos taken using the camera, in a span on...4 months!

Haiqal with his infamous chalkboard wall.

Greenhouse by Muir - we over ordered as usual...but everything was sooo good

Rainbow bagels at Bowery Petit - tasted so yuck. Don't know if it was solely due to the fact that it was too colourful to eaten...or it just tasted bad. 

Haiqal took this photo of me tepi longkang.

Rindu x1000!! Can't wait to see him sssssoon.

My ###1 man in life and #1 cat LOL. Basically Daddy's reaction to Sashimi 24/7.

My mom & sister. This was at Botanica & Co. I love love this place! You know how most restaurants nowadays are just pretty, with shit food...well this place was definitely instagram-worthy and everything on the menu i've ordered tasted amazing. Try the pizzas! 

Brunch at Breakfast Thieves. Coffee was good.

Photoshoot with my mom at the most photographed stairs in APW lmao

Always thirdwheeling their dates :(

My fave siblings! Sabrina & Fahmi.

Haiqal aka instafamous doing what he does best.

Outside APW.

This was the night before I left for NZ. We went aaaall the way to KL for drinks, but ended up back where we started aka Bangsar. Had ice cream and lepak-ed in an overpriced mamak playing games.

^ Those were taken over the last few days of my summer break in Malaysia. I then had to come back to New Zealand for the lastttt time ever as a student to complete my final trimester of my degree! It wasn't too bad, since both my sister and mother joined me for the first 2 weeks back. 

 Roadtripped around the North Island, from Auckland down to Wellington in a few days.

Hues of blue - something I haven't seen in awhile lately. I've been cooped up in my room for the past few weeks, plus it's been raining zz.

Cathedral Cove - my most favourite place in New Zealand. I love beaches, and this was spectacular. To those who watch Narnia, this was where it was shot too.

Hamilton Gardens. Didn't enjoy this place as much as my mom did. Most of the flowers were not in bloom anyway.

Putaruru blue springs.

Agrodome!!! Aaa fed sheeps and alpaca's. 

Redwoods Forest

Huka Falls.

Napier - the art deco capital of the world. The buildings made me feel like I was in a Wes Anderson set.

Ofcourse I had to bring them to Maranui Cafe!

Oriental Bay Beach - this was my favourite picture in this whole roll. I'll be so sad to leave Wellington cos of this beach. Best place to chill with friends on a sunny day, with gelato in hands. Also, it's just a 20 minute walk from home. Where else can you do this in Malaysia?

Kak Yaya and Nadzers at Midnight Espresso. (Wellington's mamak aka the only place that closes at 3am)

Fidel's Cafe, before my mom left.

Ali, my big brother I never had. So sad that he's leaving in 13 days :(

Will be going on a trip very soon, so can't wait to take more photos and share them! Okay lol that's all for now, gotta get back to my books aka what I was supposed to do 2 hours ago.....haha that level of procrastination....takpernah pernah nak update blog suddenly semangat today. Lmao okkkk bye! xx

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