Monday, March 4, 2013


After so long, wonderm8s: reunited :D
Had an awesome night at Qeel's with my favourite people (minus Aisyah, Elynna, Yassh and Uma :( ) Had a bbq and uhhh I don't think this whole barbecue +thing is our thing man (or mine, at least) hehe. Ended up grilling the lamb on the stove cause the real thing was just too damn slow. Hahaha. Gained at least 10kg's last night, uuhh I feel so guilty lol. It felt so good finally catching up with them, gossiping and laughing till we literally couldn't move. (ok fine mainly cause we got too fat but still...) I'm surprised Qeel's neighbours didn't file a report on us for being too noisy (sasau party to One Direction bahahahaha).

Us barbecue-ing the real and professional way

:( fat
And here is a super cute photo of us :B hehehe

Anyway, later that night some of us slept over.. and everyone fell asleep super early except for Ksherah, Hanna (surprisingly) & I. So we decided to have a stay awake competition. Hahaha I know, super lifeless but whatever. Taught Ksherah and Hanna how to do strengthwork at 4am, hahaha funniest shit ever! Made videos of Ksherah burping (ew) (immature) (disguting), and took ugly pictures of everyone sleeping. Hanna lost and fell asleep at 6am. Decided to split the victory (lol?!) and sleep at 7.30 with Ksherah. Yea and I actually woke up in the morning today. Good good. 

So yeah that's all, but before that please enjoy a picture of me as Stitch and my furry friends. x

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