Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fmfa 2013

Future Music Festival Asia was....amazing. Definitely one of the best concerts i've been to so far (lol that's what I said about PTVxSWS), but yeah. Made my whole ..month :3 hehehe.

So, Nad fetched me at home with Tharma, Marisa and Thaqif and headed straight to Sepang. Parked at the crew parking cause Nad was an official photographer (look guys my best friend's a pro), and because of that, we all got to get in for free without a ticket. So ya we basically wasted 168 bucks for nothing but it's all good cause it was definitely worth it anyway! But since we didn't get in through the main entrance we didn't get to tear of tickets and get the wristband :( And like hey omg who wouldn't want a wristband right hahaha the whole point of a concert is for that hehe. So I was sad.............but not for long cause I decided to walk down the damn hill for it :D hahahahaha omg. Look!

The whole set up and venue for FMFA was pretty cool, too. There were 4 different stages where 4 bands could perform at the same time. You basically choose who you wanna see. And that was a good thing cause uh dude srsly, PSY?! How bout no. Decided to watch Temper Trap with Thaqif first. They were okay I guess minus the fact that we didn't know any of their all. But IF we did they would have been awesome, for sure. And then we headed to another stage to watch Timmy Trumpet...he wasn't bad though.

in the evening, before people actually came.

Since I wasn't really interested in any specific bands, I followed Tharma and Thaqif to watch Zed's Dead, and wow. They were the best yesterday, hands down. The music was amazing and the crowd was, too. Surprisingly, no rempit mosh pit or whatever. After that, we watched Feed Me. They were pretty good too, but the music was quite slow compared to Zed's Dead. Either way, I still enjoyed myself. Haha. Pretty bummed I missed Fun though. Heard their performance was really sick but oh well.. :( (I blame Tharma)

Watched Rita Ora with them + Marisa (Rita's wife who only knew 3 songs :p hehehe). And she was awesome too lol, although the FMFA totally screwed up the whole sound system, omg. She still looked hot and managed to put a great show! Don't know how she even looked good in a freaking cheese dress..but she did. PSY was next and all the kpop jpop whatever people started coming in, and yeppppp was a sign for me to l e a v e.

Bloc Party was supposed to perform at 12.25am, so Tharma and I wasted an hour of waiting...for nothing. They came an hour late, and The Prodigy was performing at the same time. Haih could have watched Kill The Noise (whoever they are HAHAHA), but it's okay lol. Omg The Prodigy omg hahaha lagu setan all got lah, the people looked really scary but had fun anyway :p There was a mosh pit though, a bad one. Instead of rempits, they were big white guys...worse haha. Left after that, and yeah. Had a really good day! Hehe. Heard that there were 12 people who died last night, due to drug overdose. But no surprise there cause literally half of the people there were so freaking high, the smell of weed and alcohol everywhere + people popping ecstasy aduhhh.

And yeah basically that was my day. How was yours? :-)

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